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Yes,it is

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Q: Is it bad that you are menstruation for over 1 month?
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What is a 1 month menstruation?

It's a serious problem that requires a doctor's attention.

How much weight does a female gain during her menstruation?

i usually gain bout 1-2pounds but have it lost when menstruation is over

Effects of having menstruation for 1 month?

could lead to anaemia it would be wise to consult a physician.

1 month and 15 days delay menstruation what does it mean?

The most common cause of a missed period is pregnancy.

Are you considered as a pregnant if the menstruation delay 1 month and 2 weeks?

You may be pregnant If you have had sexual intercourse without protection. If you have had sexual intercourse, buy a pregnancy test. If you are still a virgin, your menstruation has just delayed.

How long does it take cabbage to go bad in the refrigerator?

1 month.

What are the menstruation phases?

phase 1

How long does it take for Swiss cheese to go bad?

i think it will take 1 month

How much blood does a woman lose during menstruation?

Normal is about 10-80 milliliters per month (about 1 to 5 tea spoons). It can, however, sometimes be much more.

Do men menstuate?

good question but no men do not menstruate, menstruation occurs when an egg inside a female isn't fertilized for 1 month then the dead egg comes out with some blood

Help me i always take contraceptive when my bf sex meant it comes I do have my menstruation now but it longs for 1 month it is just spotting only what is this Do you think aim pregnant?

thanks kinda ...i will

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