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Is it bad to multitask frequently?

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Typically no; but people, like computer systems, need a break - a chance to recover, possibly more often as they age. Computers can be replaced, people cannot -- please relax if the opportunity presents itself.

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Can you multitask on the itouch?

you cannot multitask on the itouch unless you jailbreak it.

Is it bad if you cry frequently?

Not bad.

How do you spell multitask?

That is the correct spelling of the word "multitask" (to do several things concurrently).

Is mainframe computer is a multitasking computers?

As with all computers early mainframes did not multitask (early microcomputers did not multitask, early minicomputers did not multitask, early supercomputers did not multitask). Now almost all computers multitask. Multitasking has nothing to do with the size of a computer, it is almost entirely a software feature of the OS running on the computer.

Tell me about your organization skills and how you are able to multitask?

Tell me about your organization skills and how you are able to multitask

Why arent there cheats in oblivion for ps3 and only PC?

because PC's can multitask on PC multitask is like switching file on ps3 multitask is like putting in a new game

Able to multitask?


Is it possible to multitask?


Does an iPad have multitasking?

If the iPad is running version iOS 4.2 or later then it will be able to multitask apps that have been designed to multitask.

What is Another word for multitasking?


How do you use multitask in a sentence?

While some can multitask, others can only do one thing at a time. For some, multitasking can seem difficult or challenging. :)

How can you multitask on the iphone 3g with 4.0 software?


What is When you do two or more things at once?


Can UNIX multitask?

Yes. Most operating systems that ever existed can multitask. Otherwise it would be pointless to use an OS instead of just writing a program.

Do Supercomputers use single-user multitask operating systems?

Single-user multitask operating systems are also known as network operating systems

Why are there only cheats on PC in oblivion?

because a PC can multitask when a xbox/ps3 only does what the game tells them to do ! on a PC a multitask is like telling it to only work on 1 file and work on another later.... on a xbox/ps3 a multitask is like playing a completely different game!

Is it possible to multitask on an ipod touch 2nd gen?


How do you play piano and sing at the same time?

You have to multitask

What are the release dates for How To Batman - 2009 How to Multitask 3-10?

How To Batman - 2009 How to Multitask 3-10 was released on: USA: 19 May 2010

What word means to do more than one task?


Is there a such thing as a multitask computer?

Yes, you're using one

How do you multitask on iPhone 4?

double tap the home button

What is the adjective for multitask?

The adjective for multi-task is multi-taskful.

How do you answer multitask question?

handling phone calls while typing.

What does the word multitask mean?

doing two tasks at once

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