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It is always bad to drink rubbing alcohol. It's poisonous.

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Q: Is it bad to taste rubbing alcohol during pregnancy?
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Rubbing alcohol and infants?

No thanks. It sounds like it would taste vile.

What ingredients make rubbing alcohol smell?

The best known is denatorium benzoate, especially for the disagreeable taste.

Chemical formula for rubbing alcohol?

This is ethanol (C2H5OH) with some added substances to modify the color, odor and taste.

What happens when food coloring is added to alcohol?

Drinking alcohol: It will change the alcohol's color or taste Rubbing alcohol: It will most likely change the effects that the alcohol has on the substance on which it is applied to. It may change the color of the substance it is applied to.

Why does alcohol taste?

because of the chemicals used to distill it. alcohol such as drinking alcohol has ethanol in it and rubbing alcohol has isopropyl which is a poison that can fight infection. drinking isopropyl can cause a permanent drunkness that will destroy your liver because it can not be digested.

Can you substitute ale for beer in recipes?

Absolutely. The reason for the beer in the recipe is for the taste not the alcohol content. The alcohol evaporates during cooking.

What happens when you get rubbing alcohol in your food?

That depends a great deal on a couple of things: Did you continue to eat that food? If so, then the answer depends on the quantity of rubbing alcohol. If it was a small amount, you should be fine. If it was a lot, you will probably get very sick. If it was a medium amount, you might get a little drunk, but your food will taste awful. In any case, you probably don't want to try to pour the rubbing alcohol back into the bottle and clean your ears out with it. That is a bad idea.

Why does alcohol make tomatoes taste better?

the sweet taste of it :)

What alcoholic drink can you get if you don't like the taste of alcohol?

A liqueur. They are sweet and mask the alcohol taste pretty well.

Why does alcohol have a strong taste?

Because of the way it affects taste buds.

How can you smell alcohol?

Alcohol, if you think to ethanol, has a specific odor and taste.

Do some things taste differently than they used to during the first week of pregnancy?

Happens often also smells can be different.

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