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yes, apply as a single person that way when you marry your fiance you are an American citizen and it will make it easier to get him a green card.

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Q: Is it better to apply for citizenship as a single person and them marry your illegal fiancee or should you marry him and then apply for citizenship as a married person?
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I am dating an illegal Mexican and we are talking about getting married Would it be easier to go back to Mexico and get a fiance visa like he was never here or get married here and proceed here?

From my understanding it would be better to get married here in the US. Don't send him back for the fiancee visa because they take about 6 months or more to process before he can come back over. It's better to go ahead and get married. Once married start the process with an Immigration attorney. It'll be easier for you to keep him in the country simply put. His job has done an audit and says they need documents showing he can work here, he is illegal so I think he needs to go back to Mexico and i can file a fiancee visa, but am unsure if we should marry here in united states or start from the beginning

What if an illegal alien is caught by immigration but fights for citizenship?

It's their right but I think it's better if it's settled in a documentation process.

What do you think fiancee can offer fiance as a companion?

Fiancee had better offer fiance fiancee as companion, or starting off on wrong foot.

What if you come in u.s. as a fiancee visa and your fiance abandoned you?

Then you're screwed!!! lol... go find a better fiancee!

Can you get an anullment if your spouse is an illegal immigrant who only wanted citizenship?

No, You cannot. You should have known better that Latinas don't take fools seriously!

If you want to marry someone that is illegal is it better to get married in Mexico or the United States?

Get married in the US. the illegal will NOT be allowed to enter the US until his/her Permanent Residency is approved which takes 6 months to 1 year.

How do you get married to an illegal Mexican in the state of Wisconsin?

It might be better for your favorite illegal person to go home before you marry them. Then, get married and apply for permanent status. It will not go as smoothly if you try to change their status while they are in the US.

My boyfriend is illegal and i am a citizen Is it better to get married in the US or in Mexico? shouldn't get married if your boyfriend is illegal.But if you had to I would say neither go for canada.

Why would an illegal immigrant want to get married to a us citizen and then move with her back to where he was from?

Illegal immigrants, like regular people, fall in love and get married. They would move with their spouse because it is better for families to stay together in the same place.

Fiance is here on a tourist visa would like to get married. Does she have to return to her country to filled for a fiancee visa. Can you just get married here and apply for residency after marriage?

From what I understand you can get married then file the I-130 and they would be able to stay. But you would still have to file certain paper work and it is a LONG process. I just married someone that is here illegal and it's alot harder than your situation. I say do it now or ASAP since they are already here legal. There is a great web site called that can help answer ALOT of questions and offer better advice. Worth checking out.

How can art be an aid for better citizenship?


Did Greeks invent citizenship?

At least they began to organize society, consequently leading to a better comprehenson of what is citizenship and democracy.

Is this a fraud you do not tell your K1 fiance that you do not want to marry before she leaves her country but upon her arrival to usa?

Your fiancee would have to marry you, your fiancee cannot adjust status if there is no marriage. It is better for her if you tell her before she enters the U.S.

Can an illegal alien mother who has a US born son file for child custody rights for another minor son who is a legal resident?

Better for her to straighten out her citizenship status first. Without that, she is opening a can of worms regarding her stay in the US.

You want to marry an illegal alien who entered illegally but has filed taxes Would it better for her to return to Mexico and for you to file for a Fiancee visa?

tricky question. i would go ahead and marry that person anyway since they will all be legal citizens in 2010 once the u.s. Canada and Mexico becomes one country

Which is better being married or single?

being married is better

Your husbabnd is leaving with another woman Iam a legal us citizens and hes not a ciizens can he still get hes citizenship?

No he can not. because he is going to need you to be his sponsor and you need to be married for a certain amount of time or else the govt. will know you just married for the papers. I would leave him because you deserve better.

If a us citizen marries a Mexican illegal immigrant in the us and has 20 years of deportation can he still get the green card and become a resident of the US?

to my knowledge, if you as an American citizen are LEGALLY married to an illegal, all that you have to do is go to your local immigration office and apply for his residency. it is better if you are married in the u.s. before applying. if you guys married in the u.s. so much the better. make sure that he does not have a criminal record or that is it. if you married outside the u.s. what i would do is to marry again in the u.s. so that immigration will "recognize" said marriage, but yes, as a u.s. citizen, applying for your spouse is one of your privileges and rights for being a u.s. citizen...good luck

If applying for US citizenship as the spouse of an American can you file for an uncontested divorce right after filing your citizenship application or must you wait until after your citizenship oath?

It is much better to wait until after you have taken the oath of citizenship and have received your citizenship certificate because even if you pass the test and then file for divorce, they still can not let you become a citizen.

Is it permitted to talk to your fiancee before marriage?

In most cultures yes, it is usually mandatory. You would need to be more specific for better information.

How can art be an aid to be better citizenship?

it can help because it helps you concentrate on what you are doing.

Is hacking illegal in Canada?

You had better believe it!

Your permanent residency passport expired 5 months ago if you file for citizenship do you need to renew your passport?

Not for applying for citizenship. But when they check your documents on the test date and the citizenship ceremony, you will need to show them a valid passport. So, it is better to apply for one now.

Me and my husband applied for green card together.My husband got his greencard and mine not approved.Now he is going to apply for citizenship .When he get citizenship am i get greencard automatically?

Not automatically but you have a better chance of getting approved.

Why is citizenship important to possess?

To be a citizenship is important because it gives us the opportunity to help our community to be a better place for everyone. It also gives us the right to vote and elect our government.