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tell her you lke her Go ahead and ask her out. She'll get the point that you like her from this act alone - but your first date will confirm it! Good luck!

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What to text a girl to tell her you like her?

Tell her I really like you and want to get to know a little bit better

What if a girl is better than you as a person but you like her?

Tell her how you feel about it.

What to do if a girl asks why you like her?

Tell her why you like her. So why do you like her? Tell her she's pretty and she has an amazing can't get better than that.

Is it better to tell a girl you like her or to have her find it out or to have a friend tell her?

It's better to tell her or have her find it out because a friend might not tell it right and it would not be as sincere. But that's my opinion.

How do you first tell a girl you like her?

Hang out with her and ask her out then she will <3 you

You are eight how should you tell a girl you like her?

When I was eight boys told girls they liked them by asking thr friends to tell the girl for them. So you can get one of your guyfriends to tell that girl you like her. Or you can jst tell her yourself. My friend wen she was eight had her first boyfriend so you tell that girl you like her! Hope this helps!

How do you tell a girl you like her if your a girl?

Just tell her but ask her if she's lesbian first (or bi). Or just tell her for the hell of it, you only live once(:

What does it mean when you tell a girl that you like her and she smiles and say thank you?

She thinks you like her and she wants to know you better.

Getting girls to like you?

I am a girl and I say what i like in a boy is a little bit of jockness. A lot of softness and a LOT of cuteness. And if you like a girl you better tell her!!!

What should you do if you get your first kiss from a girl you use to like but you like another girl?

Tell that girl to leave you alone, because you like someone else now...

You want to tell a girl you like her?

yup i want to tell a girl that i like her

How can i tell a girl she is beautiful?

If you are in a relationship with her , just tell her, if it is a case of, you just like her, then, dont say it, she might like you saying that, but on the other hand, she could embarrass you by telling other people about it, its better you get to know her first before you take that step.

How do you tell someone that you love her at first sight?

If you want to tell a girl that you like her, you have to know each other very well first. Hangout with her a lot. She might like you back. If you tell her that you like her right away, she might think your weird (no offense). Your going way fast on a girl.

What do when a girl says she don't like you but you still like her?

if she gives you the time of day then you should try and be her friend first. if you get to know her better and spend some time with her..... only time will truly tell.

In what way can you tell a girl that you like her?

Well ask her out on a date and then tell her on the first day you always had a crush on her..............then I'll tell you ferther

What do you do if your friend just asked out this girl that you really like?

You Tell Your Friend That You Liked The Girl First And Then You Steal Her Away!!!

If your a girl and you have a crush on another girl who is 2 years older than you and you dont know if theres a chance of her liking you?

Tell her that you like girls but you don't have to tell her that you like her. You are better off waiting to see what her reaction is. It may be hard to keep her as a friend if you tell her you like her and she doesn't like you back.

Is it wise to tell a girl she's the first girl you asked out for a date?

Not on your first date. If you get in a relationship, then tell her :)

How do you get the girl of your dreams?

OK first she has to be real and if you like her tell her you never know what she will say.

Would a girl who likes you tell you who they like if you ask them?

Answer If the girl is confident and feels comforatable telling you then she will. If the girl is not confident or wants you to know that she likes you without having to ask she will withhold whom she likes until you tell her you like her first.

What if a girl ask you what you like about her?

tell her the truth, tell her what you like about her

If you like a girl what should you do?

tell them you like them do not be afraid to tell them

How do you tell a girl i like you?

Well me being a girl girls love being told your cute.ask her who do you like then you say I'll tell you who I like usually she will say u first and there you go she'll be interested hope it works!

What do you tell a girl when you like her?

i like you

How do you tell a girl you like them?

that depends on the girl