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In many cases it really doesn't matter because it's the people in that family and what quality of time they give each other, how much laughter is in the home, and if they stick by one another no matter what. Here are the upsides and down-sides to small and big families: 1 or 2 kids in a family: Depending on the parents own personalities (could be out-going, love people, are social and bring their children up around an environment of lots of relatives/friends or, shy parents who keep to themselves and have few family functions and few friends over.) If the family is out-going they could be close by doing many things together as a family. They have more time with just two kids in the family. One is a lonely number when a child is brought up without a sibling. However, if the parents have done a good job encouraging their only child they grow up with happy memories, lots of friends and a good life. LARGE FAMILIES: Large families can be full of great memories, even though one sibling may pick on the youngest one. Usually the oldest in the family are given duties to look after the younger ones, and, depending on how much laughter and fun is in the household the oldest can come away with more pain than good memories if the oldest is left babysitting all the time and never gets time to go out with their friends. It all reverts back to how the parents deal with the environment around them and the quality of life they have in their family. EXAMPLE: I came from a family with just my brother (6 years younger than myself.) My mother often had me babysit him and at the time I resented it because my friends didn't want him hanging around. One day my girlfriends told me we could "outrun him" and leave him behind. My brother would have been about 5 years old. So, I did! I could hear him calling my name and as I looked back I saw a sweet teary-face and chubby little legs trying to catch up with us. I stopped dead in my tracks, made a snorty sound and with heart on sleeve went and got my brother, looked at him and said, "To hell with them!" Still, I pulled him along muttering to myself that he was ruining my life! LOL Of course he didn't, and to this day some 50 years later we are very close. I am so thankful for that. A FAMILY OF 5 is where my husband came from. His family was a farm family and although there were problems with some of the children in the family (their only daughter, the rest boys) there was laughter, loyalty and a sense of belonging. Still, even with all that they all parted their different ways when they were old enough and now my husband is only in close contact with his sister. Again, it depends on the staying power and the personalities be it a small family or large. Marcy

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Q: Is it better to grow up in a small family or a large family and what are the benefits of big families and small families?
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Large families have support to the family on different occasions and also cooperate in business. The smaller families remain distant distances from their related family members.

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The benefits of having a large family far out way the disadvantages. Children from large families have more empathy and realistic expectations than children from smaller families where every whim is met. They are better able to handle conflict and are more able to problem solve. The dynamics of a large family are vastly different than that of small families; laughter is plentiful and they receive support from many different angles. I come from a small family and I have a large family, I can say there are many differences in large that are more beneficial. Most comments are in regards to material things that have a monetary value, what comes from a large family can only be valued in character. Social acceptance has no weight with me considering what has become socially acceptable in the last 20 years. My children have most of what they want and hVe learned to earn some of the rest. They have nice shoes and video games, play sports and go to the movies, but they save for some of these things themselves and value what they receive. They have less of a feeling of entitlement and a great amount of self worth from learning values that have fallen to the wayside.

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