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Is it cheating if men talk on chat lines?

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Well, that would depend on what they are talking about and to whom. If they are relaying sweet nothings to another then that is a form of cheating because that should be saved for the partner that is in front of them. If they are talking sexual stuff then that is not good either. Just talking about every day things no, that is not cheating. If the chatting starts to interfere with a relationship, then that is a problem, too.

Chat lines are just entertainment like playing a video game. It's ok if you don't break up your family after talking on a chatline. To understand the Psychology of chat lines, you have to try it out for yourself. It is just simple live entertainment. Most men call the phone chat lines because they are bored and need a way to pass the time.

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Why do men call chat lines?

To talk to local single WOMAN. Phone chat lines are exciting when chatting with hot women for dating. Lonely and even not-so lonely men like the sound of a woman's voice on the telephone chat line. Somen men call for friendship, while others are looking for hot chat with a local single woman. But the only way to find out about the chat line telephone dating experience is to try it out for yourself.

Should you check your wifes underwear for signs of cheating?

ANSWER: I don't think you can catch your wife cheating from her own underwear. Most men think they can but that is only a myth. Women are different than men and if you think your wife is cheating, why not talk to her. Stop guessing if she is, just talk to her so the two of you can move on to a better thing. Try it.

Why do men go to chat rooms?

To chat.

Why do men act suspicious if they are not cheating?

because they're cheating!

When do cheating men feel the hurt and pain after their affair?

Cheating man can feel the hurt too. They do it when they have no one left to talk to and feel alone.

Is it cheating if you dance with other men at a party even though you have a boyfriend?

As long as you don't do anything to suggest that you're interested in the other men, it's fine. But make sure to talk with your boyfriend about it first.

What do the lines men do?

Lines men check to see if people are offside or not

Do women like cheating?

Cheating is a characteristics that no one likes. It can be there in either men or women.

Do women who cheat on there men accuse the men of cheating also?

Yes. Gender does not matter, whenever someone is cheating they become paranoid that the other person is cheating also. Either that, or they are trying to make it seem like they would never cheat on you. Therefore, yes, women and men will accuse the other of cheating if they are cheating. Not always does this occur, but usually it happens.

Why do men want to get caught cheating?

They want out

Is cheating common with narcissistic men?


What percentage of black men have infidelity issues?

ANSWER:I think it doesn't matter where men came from, nor color of their skin, cheating is cheating, don't you agree?

If a man talks to his ex girl friends does that menn hes cheating?

a man can talk to his ex just like he can with a mate so no hes not cheating even if he still has feelings for u men dont always cheat on girls u know.

What is Bantaba?

The area under a Bentennie tree is a Bantaba. Mandinka men would typically gather in the area as a group to drink tea, chat, and talk about important issues.

Do men admit to cheating?

Do men admit to cheating? I'm afraid not. I haven't met a men who admitted that they are cheating or having an affair, and this includes the man that I married. If you ask them, they will answer the question with a question. They will even make a point of saying that man who cheat can not be trusted. In short no one I mean men will never admit that they do cheat.

What do some cheating men have in common?

Compulsive liars. Sorry if someone's cheating on you. There's nothing worse.

Does married cheating men love their wives?

Some do.

Why men get angry when there women cheat on them but when they cheat on there ladythey want forgiveness?

Men want forgiveness when they cheat on women because women are angry at them for their cheating. This is the same as women who cheat and also want forgiveness from the men who are angry with them for cheating on the men.

What are the Cheating statistics men vs women?


Married Muslim men cheating on wife?

results in castration

You believe your husband is cheating with a men?

Same answer as your previous question .

Why do men get angry when accused of cheating?

accusing them of cheating shows that you have no trust in them. or it could be that they get angry to cover up the fact that they did cheat...

Why do girls talk to married men?

Because they try to see how far the married men actually go to boost their self esteems up. Some women talk to married men to be dependent on them, and it ALWAYS grows into something further. Single women, talking to married men is always an issue. Regardless, why is the married man talking to the girl anyway? Unless, he is looking for some new action, and some new fun. There is no reason for men to be having conversations with other women. If i were in that boat, that would be considered cheating to me. Any other contact with another female is under the title of cheating. So why does a girl talk to a married man? Not necessarily for a silly conversation, but because they want someone more out of it. That's my input. -Diana M.D :)

Why are all the men in mice and men afraid to talk to curley wife?

Curley is very strict with his wife and is constantly anxious that she is cheating on him with another man. She, on the other hand, freely walks about in the day and chats with all of the men. Whenever Curley catches her doing this, he immediately thinks that she's cheating on him with whatever man she's talking to. To prevent this situation occurring - and because Curley is a boxer and the boss' son - , the workers just avoid her.

Is looking at other women in your presence cheating?

Men are going to look at other women, even in the pressence of the woman they are with. Looking is not cheating.

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