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Is it cheating when you are only dating?

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Of course it is. If you are dating on a steady basis then you are suppose to be in love and want to be together. The relationship should be based on honesty, trust, integrity and compassion. If you have fallen out of love with the person then have the guts to tell them and move on, but don't cheat! If in doubt always put yourself in the other person's shoes. I don't think you'd like it done to you!

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How would you get new dating and sexual experience without cheating you wife?

lol...the only way to do that without cheating is to tell her and get her approval, otherwise, its cheating.

Is it cheating if you have a crush?

No, If Your Dating Somebody And Have A Crush On Someone Else Its Not Cheating If Your Kissing Them Or Dating Them At the Same Time That Is Cheating.

How do you know if you are cheating?

you will know if your cheating when you are dating someone and dating someone else at the same time.

Is it cheating if you're dating someone and you are in love with them but you love someone else to?

its not cheating, unless you are dating oth of them

Is double dating two boys cheating?

Only if they don't know about it. I would ultimately depend on the terms and conditions of the "relationships" that you are in. If you are their girlfriend, then most would probably consider this cheating.

Is dating a girl and guy cheating?


Is it cheating if you are broken up?

NO it isn't as you are not together so therefore its not called cheating its called dating

Is the girl you are cheating with also cheating ON you?

I'm confused. is the girl you're cheating with dating somebody else? if so, then obviously yes. my question is, why are you cheating in the first place?

Is Michelle chamuel and usher dating?

yes he is cheating on me

Is Tom Felton cheating on Bonnie Wright?

No, he isn't even dating her. He is dating Jade Olivia.

Is Mitchel Cheating on Emily?

No. And now there aren't dating anymore.

If someone fingered you while you were dating is that considered cheating?

yes, it is

Is Zayn cheating on his girlfriend?

Yes,he is dating Dezyrae McNeal

Does Selena know about that hes cheating on her?

Justin and Selena aren't really dating. They are only telling everyone they are for publicity. Justin admitted it, he said he wouldn't ever date a girl who ruined his birthday by getting in a fight with a fan. Justin is really dating Caitlyn Victoria Beadles, he isn't cheating.

Online dating site considered cheating?

If your single, nope, your just trying to find the one. But if you have a girlfriend or a wife, then yes you are cheating unless you are a consenting couple. ...hardsugar is free dating

If you're dating two sisters and they know about each other is that cheating?

If they know about each other then no, it's not technically cheating.

If you are bi-sexual and you are dating a girl is it cheating if you date a guy at the same time?

Yes of course it's cheating.

Does Ashley know zac is cheating on her?

First of all, zac efron is not cheating on Ashley because because they are not even dating.

Who is she dating and is he cheating n her?

We don't know, and perhaps. Since you didn't specify who "she" is, we don't know who she's dating.

How can you tell if a boy is cheating on his girl friend?

he will be dating another girl

Why is riley awesome?

cause she is dating Ryan higa and yes he is cheating

How exactly do you save your relationship after cheating?

let the person your dating cheat on you

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They are not dating each other.

Why is he making you jealous?

because the person you are dating is with another girl and is cheating on you

Is Selena Gomez cheating on Nick Jonas by dating David Henrie?

no Selena Gomez is not cheating on nick Jonas with any one.