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Yes! Parents that allow their children to take on no responsibility or pay for their consequences create a monster. It is up to every parent to instill right and wrong and to give their children self-worth and it shouldn't always be done by telling the child what they have done wrong, but teach how to rectify it and also laughter along with it can help. Parents of a narcissist often spoil the child and studies show that many narcissists were an only child. In these modern times many parents both work and feel guilty so provide "things" such as credit cards, gifts, trips rather than giving their child the much needed guidance they deserve. And thus, a narcissist can be born!

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After a Narcissist discards you is it common for him to tell others that you dumped her?

Yes it happens most time. It is true.

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i think very much so.

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usually, all that personality stuff is hereditary, but my cousin; the jackal he is has pushover hippy vegan parents and uses them for his he can sharpen his "skills" so to speak. Messed up, but common. So, nobody really knows nonetheless cares about your Question hun, now treat your parents right!

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Is it common for a narcissist who discarded you to watch you for years and then appear visible when he needs supply then disappear right after he sees you?

yes this is the silly cycle of a narcissist Yes it is common. That's what they do best, playing their games and ensuring they have victims at hand. They want to know and wish that their victims never move on and find other partners. To them that is the worst type of insult.

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Is it common that victims will want to cut ties with the narcissist's friends after leaving the relationship?

It's normal and it's the thing to do. By staying in touch with the friends of the narcissist it still links you to the narcissist. Move on and start a new future. What friends? A true narcissist has no real loyal friends. They are known as supply. Those friends who are true to you will "self select" and will make their choice when you break up. However, if they want to maintain contact with the "narcissist" then you need to set them free. It just creates chaos in your life.

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