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computer can be classified as gadget.But mainly gadgets are the small or portable computers.Computer can be classified as a machine.

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How do you feel about computer gadgets?

My computer is aawweessooommee

How do you put music on your project playlist?

i can't figure out how either but if you have an mp4 and a compaque computer you have gadgets on your computer and you can get it there i can't figure out how either but if you have an mp4 and a compaque computer you have gadgets on your computer and you can get it there

How can I synch multiple gadgets?

The best way to find out about how to sync multiple gadgets would be to speak with a computer technician or a software analyst or even a computer programmer.

Computer displays and printers are classified as?

"Computer displays and printers are classified as?"

Whats the latest gadgets?

about computer latest gadget

Who Are Rebel Gadgets?

Rebel Gadgets Is An ''Online Retailer Store'' Which Specialize In Hardware & Software Computer Products At Low Prices.

Computer networks are classified into what?

computer networks classified into point to point and broadcast network

What is the websit where you can get computer gadgets like stock monitors?

There are a long list of websites selling computer gadgets. Copy and paste this search term into Google: "Warm Mouse, Heated Keyboard"

Where can one purchase cheap computer gadgets?

you can purchase cheap computer gadgets on ebay. you can also use craigslist to find cheap stuff. or you can go to yard sales and stuff like that. that is all

What is the difference between classification of computer and classified computer?

A classification of a computer would be the grouping of computers into a distinct type, for instance analogue or digital computers. A classified computer is one which is deemed to be secret in design or containing classified information.

Why are computer developments classified in revolutions?

Computer developments are classified as revolutions because they have caused changes in society that could be called revolutionary.

How computers are being classified?

Classified computers will mean the computer has classified information on there. most computers are not classified and are used for personal and work use.

How do you create a computer thing at the end of the game in Littlebigplanet?

It's a scoreboard you get it in Gadgets Bag 3rd Page

Why is the computer is tool or gadgets?

because it allows us to access information needed for specific things or processes

How have computers and gadgets become common in people's daily lives?

Compters and gadgets became common place in people's daily lives gradually over the cource of years. As they were used more and more, they became more common and now almost everyone has a computer and the use of gadgets is commonplace.

Why computer prices keep on decreasing even though computer prices keep dropping?

The computer prices keep on decreasing because of the ever changing technologies and the invention of the better gadgets.

What are the differences between computer systems and computer networks?

Computer system: An arrangement of interconnected PCs that share a focal stockpiling framework and different fringe gadgets, for example, a printers, scanners. Every PC associated with the framework can work autonomously, yet can correspond with other outside gadgets and PCs. Computer network: It is a system that unites PCs and gadgets in a constrained topographical territory, for example, a home, school, office building situated gathering of structures. Every PC on the system is a hub. Wired LANs are undoubtedly in light of Ethernet innovation.

What are examples of gadgets and product of technology?

Wristwatches, Camera, TV, Computer. Your local electronic shop will have many examples.

1 The physical components that make up the computer and other devices connected to the computer is called?

All of them would be classified under "hardware" although the other devices connected to the computer would be classified in the subcategory "peripherals".

What are the basic principles on which a computer works?

On the basis of working principle computer are classified in to three types Ana log computer.

What are the 3 kinds of technology?

The Machine/Gadgets/Tools, Process and Productthe three types of technology are:1.tools and gadgets2.products3.processby pepo24Cell phone, computer, and Ipod Touch1_ IT (information technology)2_ computer technology3_ mobiles technology

How would you use 'gadgets' in a sentence?

He's become a victim of his own gadgets.

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