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Computer displays and printers are classified as?

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"Computer displays and printers are classified as?"

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What are computer output devices?

Displays, printers, plotters etc An output device is any peice of hardware that takes data from a computer and does something with it.

What device displays the output from a computer?

Monitor (Primary), Other visual output devices exist such as printers, etc.

What are the three main categories of computer peripherals?

The three largest categories of peripherals are graphic displays, printers, and scanners.

What brand of computers that are made in japan?

Canon19computers, peripherals: printers, imaging- systems Fujitsu34computers, networks, Liquid crystal displays, ICs Hitachi America14mainframe computers, disk drives, semiconductors Matsushita70multimedia systems, liquid crystal displays, networks, semiconductors Mitsubishi32networks NEC37computers, networks, semiconductors Oki6.4networks, semiconductors, peripheral units: printers, multimedia systems Ricoh10.2computers, peripherals: printers, data storage-, imaging- systems Seiko Epson4computers, printers, liquid crystal displays Toshiba47semiconductors, DRAM, computer monitors

What displays information generated by the computer?

The computer monitor displays information.

What are the categories of a printer?

Printers can be categorized in a number of ways.There are inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges while laser printers use laser toner cartridges.Also, printers can be classified as colored or black.

Can computer have two printers hooked to it?

Yes, many do, especially networked printers.

Can computer have two different printers attached to it?

You can have as many printers as you have available ports.

What type of output devices do accounting information systems use?

The output devices used include computer displays, impact and nonimpact printers, and electronic communication devices for EDI and e-commerce.

What type of hardware device is a monitors and printers?

Computer monitors and printers are output hardware.

What are two problems that are caused by setting an incorrect boot order in the system BIOS?

- The computer displays an "Invalid Boot Disk" error after POST.- The computer displays a "Missing NTLDR" error after POST- The computer displays an "Invalid Boot Disk" error after POST- The computer displays a "Missing NTLDR" error after POST

Is it computer classified as gadgets?

computer can be classified as gadget.But mainly gadgets are the small or portable computers.Computer can be classified as a machine.

What displays messages and provides information on the computer?

The ____ displays messages and provides information

What is printer list different types of printers?

A printer is a device used to take images and/or text from a computer and put it on paper. There are several different types of printers: Laser Printers Inkjet Printers Pin Printers Thermal Transfer Printers Impact Printers

When some of the keys on the keyboard are pressed the computer displays repeated characters.?

what do you do when the keys on the keyboard are pressed and the computer displays repeated characters

How can the earliest computer printers be characterized?

The earliest printers were essentially automatic typewriters and had little flexibility.

Computer networks are classified into what?

computer networks classified into point to point and broadcast network

Do computer printers have replaceable memory?

Computer printers do indeed have replaceable memory. These computers are relatively new in age and have many wonderful memory features.

What ports is most commonly used to connect older printers to the computer?

Parallel Port-Most common uses are to connect older printers to the computer

Which companies make the most effective computer printers?

It depends on your satisfaction and what effective mean to you. There are a lot of great computer printers out there. I personally have hp for my brand.

What displays data as entered?

A computer monitor displays any data that is entered on the keyboard.

Can I use a printer without hooking it up to a computer?

Yes -- some printers (photo printers in particular) are designed to be portable. Such printers are equipped with memory slots and a screen to facilitate printing photos without a computer.

I have a very old computer Do wireless printers work with any computer or are there special requirements and specifications that would be needed?

Printers should normally work in any type of computer, but sometimes there are printers with USB drives, while some really old computers may no have these.

Why can't light be classified as a separate particle with wave and particle nature?

Not sure what you mean, as the photon is classified as a separate particle. Light, like electrons, sometimes displays particle characteristics and sometimes displays wave characteristics.

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