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Yes, but a novice could probably do it in say, two months.

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Name three brass instruments that have valves?

Trumpet has piston valves and occasionally rotary valves, Euphonium/Baritone has piston valves, Tuba has piston valves and french horn has rotary valves. Trombone has a slide, not valves but is also a brass instrament.

What does it mean when you change your spark plugs and there is oil on them?

Bad piston rings or valves not seating properly.

Does the soprano clarinet have rotary valves or piston valves?

Neither it is a woodwind instrument and has keys. Do you mean the soprano cornet? This is a brass instrument which has piston valves.

What is the instrumentail part of the trumpet that open and close to change pitches?

Valves, either piston or rotary are used to change the pitch of a trumpet.

Does a french horn have piston valves?


How do the valves work for brass instruments?

The valves on a brass instrument are used to change the length of tubing which alters the pitch of the sound produced. When pressed the valve diverts the air stream through additional tubing. This increases the distance the vibrating air travels causing the pitch to be lower. Valves can either be piston or rotary valves. Piston valves have a spring below the valve and when pressed down the holes in the valves line up with other tubing which diverts the air. In rotary valves when pressed the valve rotates and like the piston valve has holes in it to line up with additional tubing to change where the air goes.

When the timing belt goes on a 1993 1.9 liter ford escort engine goes does it damage the top end of the engine?

It can. If one of the valves was in the combustion chamber at the time and the piston came up, it could damage the valve train and the top of the piston.

What causes low compression?

Worn piston rings, Burned valves, Sticky valves,

What will be the damage if you don't change cambelt in car?

If the cambelt breaks it may bend the valves in the head depending on the car but 9 times out of 10 especially if diesel will do alot of damage and will be very costly. Change the cambelt its less costly...

Are the valves adjustable on 1992 Ford Escort lx?

No they are hydraulic valves and are self adjusting.

Why deflected shape of piston in 2 stroke engine?

In a 2 stroke engine the piston itself is the intake/exhaust valve, instead of having separate valves as in the 4 stroke. The odd shape of the piston is the location of these valves.

What are the 2 types of valves on brass instruments?

Piston and rotary. Piston valves (like on most trumpets, cornets, and euphoniums) move up and down, and rotary valves (found on F horns and some tubas) rotate.

What is an interference engine?

It refers to an engine where the area occupied by the valves when they are open is occupied by the piston when the valves are closed. If the timing belt lets go while the engine is running the piston will smash the open valves doing loads of damage.

What is the difference between monel valves and piston valves?

Monel is a hard-wearing nickel and copper alloy. Piston valves in brass intruments may often be made of monel, amongst other materials including stainless steel.

Are the valves adjustable on a 1990 escort lx?

no, the valves are self adjusting using hydraulic lash adjusters.

What is a zero tolerance engine?

Also known as a interference engine, A zero tolerance engine is an engine that would damage the valves and likely the pistons without correct timing. This would occur because the valves and piston have the ability to come into contact with each other. With correct timing, this is not an issue because the piston travels away from the valves as they travel into the cylinder. When timing is lost, the piston could travel toward the valves as the valves enter the cylinder, resulting in severe damage to both. This is not an issue in a non interference engine because the piston and valves will not contact each other if timing was lost.

Is it possible to adjust valves on 1998 Ford Escort?

No it isn't possible since they are hydraulic valves and are self adjusting.

If a timing belt on a 92 Geo Metro 1.0L breaks does it do any further motor damage?

Answer: yes it could have bent some valves or damaged a piston with one or more of the valves( could have punched hole in piston or smashed piston so hard that it damaged a bearing)

Is the 2.4 engine in the 2004 PT cruiser an interference fit between the valves and piston?

Valve to piston, no. The interference is valve to valve.

How important is it to change magna timing belt?

Basically the timing belt connects the crankshaft with the two camshafts. This allows the valves to open allowing air into the engine at the right time. If the belt breaks then the crankshaft along with the piston and rod assembly will still move but the valves will be still. This can cause the piston to collide with the valves which can cause damage to the pistons, valves, and the entire head in some cases. There magna has an interference engine design.The difference btwn the interference and free-wheeling engines has a space between the top of the piston and the bottom of the valve so if the belt did break then the valve would not hit the top of the piston.taken from

Do overhead valves on a Ford Taurus bend the valves and get into the piston when the timing chain breaks?

yes they could but it depends on the position of the cam. the valves could be stuck in an open postion and then the piston comes up and could strike the valve. this is a bad scenario and i hope it doesnt happen to you

What brass instrument is built with rotary valves rather than piston valves?

French horn, rotary valve trumpet, tuba

Will the valves bend in an interference engine when the timing belt breaks?

In almost every instance yes, there will be damage to the valves and possibly the piston.

Will timing chain break ruin dodge ram 1500 4.7 engine?

It can if the pistons hit the valves while they are open. The timing chain ensures that when the piston is at the op of it's storke the valves are closed. When the chain breaks the cam stops turning allowing the valves to open and close so if the piston is still trying to travel up in the cyclinder with the valves open it will hit them and bend or break them. Also trying to start the engine with the timing change broken can have the exact same result.

What are the valves on a euphonium?

The valves on the Euphonium or any brass instrument are used to change the length of tubing, allowing the player to reach various notes. Each valve pressed diverts the air stream through additional tubing, causing the pitch to change. Most Euphoniums have 4 valves but some have only 3, and nearly all current models are piston valved.