Is it dangerous for a teen to go hunting?

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Yes, he could step in a hole and sprain his ankle. But seriously, not if the teen and the other members of his hunting party are properly equipped and properly trained in the use of firearms. Just don't invite the Vice President to join you.
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Are diet pills dangerous for teens?

Answer . Actually yes they are bad, for anyone. They can cause a whole host of things to go wrong with the body. They can mess up your thyroid, your menstrual cycle, the chemical balance of the body.. and so much more. They can even stunt growth.

Is a mall scavenger hunt to kiddish for teens?

No. My friend had one and it was the biggest party of the year. It all depends on what's on the list actually. I recomend having people try stuff on and taking the picture. Like have them try on a shirt and a pair of pants that totally don't match then take their picture.

Why was Teen Titans Go cancelled?

Teen Titans Go was never cancelled. You can still watch it on Cartoon Network. I think this question is referring to the comic book. DC decided to end the comic when they started publishing Tiny Titans, not wanting the former to take sales from the latter.

What are the dangers of teen pregnancy?

The same as Regular pregnancy. You might want to wait if you want a kid. It could ruin your career and schooling. Good luck thoe ummmm wellll LOSING YOUR LIFE! good luck :)

What are the dangers of teens drinking?

You could get very sick because of the toxins in alcohol. Also if you drink and drive it is dangerous and you could crash and get hurt or hurt someone else!!!!Also in my opinion it is just down right stupid.

Where do runaway teens go?

well, speaking as a teen i think i may be able to help. they may be at their best friends house or they may just be running far away, they may be along the road right now. if they are driving, they could be far away but you could ask police to track the license plate if they see it at a motel or a r ( Full Answer )

Can you go in the teen section if your am twelve?

no. You're a teenager because the end of your age has the words 'teen' if your twelve. you're just twelve. but in between the ages of thirTEEN and eighTEEN you're classified a teenager.

Why is salvia plant a danger to teens?

Is not, it's even less dangerous than alcohol, but this is what some people wants you to think. Would you let your teenager to drink beer? What if they do it anyway, who's fault is that? Alcoholic beverages companies? No, it's their parents fault, but they won't accept that, they rather put th ( Full Answer )

Dangers teens have on a computer?

Dangers teen have on computer are innumerable. There are dangers ofteens surfing the web for porn, sexting, posting rude comments orcyber bullying others. Kids often who spend time online and don'tinteract with the other kids or family are prone of being cyberbullied and harassed online on their sma ( Full Answer )

Where to go for help with teen smoking?

i am a teen smoker myself at age 14 and i am in the process of quitting, what to do if you smoke any type of reds is to smoke only when you really really need to and only take 1 or 2 puffs try to pretend that it is the last cigg in the world and try to preserve it then when you have control of your ( Full Answer )

Why is Facebook dangerous for teens?

Facebook makes it easier to stalk and find you. Your stupidpictures and notes can (and will) be read by employers, costing youjobs down the road.

Why do teens have to go to school?

If you don't go to school you can't learn. If you don't know anything you can't get a job. If you can't get a job you'll live in a box behind Pet Smart and begging for money in the mall parking lot. With school you can drive a nice car, have a good place to live, and wear nice clothing. Which would ( Full Answer )

Why do teens go to hell?

If teens don't believe in Jesus Christ as their Saviour, they will go to hell. Not all teens go to hell just because they are teens.

Why is using the internet dangerous for teens?

It doesn't have to be, but teens may be more vulnerable to online predators (like adults looking for sex with minors) and various other scams. Safety rules are similar to elsewhere in society: . Don't give personal info like full name, address, phone number, bank account number or email to strang ( Full Answer )

How do climb the trees on dangerous hunts 2009?

walk down with the river and cross it then shoot an elk and get it then walk back and bears should appear then kill them while running to the tree and it should climb the tree by itself when you get to it

Where are the tigers in cabelas dangerous hunts?

Heres what you do 1 the first tiger is across the broken bridge 2 the 2nd tiger is up a hill next to the truck 3 the 3rd tiger is near a herd of buffalo in the middle of the forest 4 comes after you get the other 3 hope i helped!

Is it ok to own a gun and let teens or kids go hunting?

Gun ownership is a constitutional right in America, and many (including myself) believe that every human being has a right to self defense. So yes, it's very OK to own a gun, and is seen by many people as a socially responsible thing to do. Letting teens or kids go hunting is OK, but only with pr ( Full Answer )

Is lifting weights dangerous for teens?

No, this is a myth. The idea was that it could damage the ends of the bones which are still growing, but this has never been documented. Lifting weights (correctly) has only positive effects.

What are teen websites to go on?

try going on: those are some teen websites to go on.

Isn't teen pregnancy dangerous?

Depends on how you take care of yourself. Teens have a bigger risk for low birth weight and premature labor and it's common they don't eat as healthy as they should when pregnant. Labor can take longer and be more difficult but if you live in a wealthy country you can get a C-section if something go ( Full Answer )

How dangerous is it for teens to text and drive?

Very Dangerous. Just like it is for everyone else. Statistics from AAA (I believe) have shown that every 2 seconds your eyes are off the road your chance for a crash doubles (4 seconds x4, 6 seconds x8, 8 seconds x16, etc). Texting is possibly more dangerous for teens because they generally lack ( Full Answer )

What sort of danger is there when hunting buffalo?

Alot, for 1 it can charge you and completely ram you and almost kill you instantly. It can also have a pattern when it charges you, such as a zig-zag. zigzag formations are for when it encounters a rifle and it tries to avoid getting shot while it charges you.

How do you beat the wolves in Dangerous Hunts?

Me personally I would shoot and maim them or kill them if they try to kill me. So all in all... shoot 'em before they get you. OR Just don't go at. all u have to do is get the shotgun and shoot it once or twice but that's my personal opinion

Can you go abroad as a teen?

This dependent on age 16yrs can travel unaccompanied with permission to most places 18yrs can travel with out restriction to most places.

How do you kill the kaftar on dangerous hunts?

Very easy if you no what your doing i struggled with this for quite a while. You want your high powered rifle first. Basically keep dodging the thing and shoot it. after the high powered rifle runs out switch to the shot gun then the rifle and hand gun if you need it. Avoid the cross bow it takes to ( Full Answer )

Who is Ryan from teen mom going out with?

Ryan Edwards from Teen Mom is going out with Tamara Brown. I know this for a fact. I seen Ryan and Tamara walking around holding hands yesterday

How is witch hunts dangerous?

You own a very valuable piece of land on the seashore. It has been in your family for many years and you do not wish to sell that land. A rich neighbor wants that land and the only way to get it is if you are not there anymore. He tells the local authorities he suspects you are a witch. He gets some ( Full Answer )

Should teens go to jdc?

I Wasn't Pretty Enough Please don't read this! In 1997 a girl called Lauren was walkng in a forest and then she just disappeared. No-one ever found her until 2000 when a young girl called Mary came across her dead body. There were markings on her chest that read: "I wasn't pretty enough." Now that ( Full Answer )

What is the episode in Teen Titans of hunted is about?

Ever since Slade disappeared, Robin has been questioning whether or not Slade is really gone. However, when Cinderblock breaks out of jail, Robin begins seeing Slade again. However, the problem is that he is the only one who can, and the other four Titans worry for Robin 's ( Full Answer )

Do teen lions hunt?

Yes, teenaged lions hunt. In fact, in the wild, by the time a lion is a teenager in human years, it is considered very old. In lion years, a teenaged lion is capable of hunting, and practically an adult.

Is Inuit hunting dangerous?

the Inuit people were very skilled hunters so it was safe for them, but certainly not safe for us.

Do you have to go hunting?

You don't have to no, not at all. It's a very fun sport, but no you do not "Have" to go hunting.

When does Teen Titans Go air?

It premiered on April 23rd 2013 & airs new episodes on Cartoon Network Tuesdays at 7:30. Check your local listings for repeats.

Why is hunting one the most dangerous sports?

It's not!. Certainly, when accidents happen, they can be bad, but they are really quite rare compared to the number of people who participate. Far more hunters are killed or injured by falling out of a tree stand than by being shot. It's not nearly as dangerous as skiing, horseback riding, gymnastic ( Full Answer )

What are the dangers of teen girls smoking?

The dangers of teen girls smoking include addiction, progression to more dangerous narcotics, lung diseases and breathing issues. Teen girls may also suffer from poor growth as a result of smoking.