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Is it dangerous to have succesive cough in my 20weeks pregnancy?

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You need to see your doctor as you may have a chest infection which requires medication.

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Is whooping cough cosidered armed and dangerous?

it is concidered potientialy dangerous

What is danger of chronic cough in pregnant women?


Is coughing normal in pregnancy?

It's a not a pregnancy sign but just as when you are not pregnant you can get cough or a cold.

Effects of dry cough during pregnancy?


Is whooping cough armed or dangerous?

Whooping cough is very dangerous for babies under 1 year, whooping cough also caused alot of deaths before there was medicine, today whooping cough is not so bad but it is bad for babies because they will not be able to breath and really they will die!

Can you take cough medicine while driving?

No as some cough syrups can give you sleep, so it is dangerous to drive.

Are halls cough drops dangerous?

I don't assume so.

Will taking medicines for cough prevents pregnancy?

Absolutely not in any way!

Is Miley Cyrus pregnancy?

there was rumors that she was, ofcourse, it was never proven. & she "claims" shes a virgin. cough*cough. we all know shes not !

Can you take aspirin and cough syrup at same time?

It depends on the contents of the cough syrup. If the cough syrup contains a blood thinner, taking that along with the aspirin could be dangerous.

How does asthma effect sports peformance?

you start to wheeze and you cough. it can be dangerous if you push it

What should you do if you have a cold when you are pregnant?

Get one of those nose cleanser form the store since you can't usually use nose spray. If your cough is really bad you have to speak to a doctor and in some cases they give you real cough medicine but otherwise you are stuck with tea and honey. Then you can just wait like normal. It's not dangerous for the pregnancy.

If you have stomach pain and not a lot of pregnancy symptoms could you be having an ectopic pregnancy?

Your side will hurt when you cough or strain and you will bleed if it's a tubal pregnany.

Is it safe to take cough syrup during pregnancy?

You have to take a certain kind of cough syrup. This has to be the one with less harmful drugs in it. Your doctor will tell you which ones are safe.

Is it dangerous to eat a cough drop before going to sleep?

No, it's fine. But make sure your cough drop is dissolved by the time u fall asleep.

What cough medications can be taken during pregnancy?

Ask you Dr. before taking any kind of meds. during pregnancy , all I know that is safe is Tylenol.

Is it dangerous to take expired codeine cough syrup?

No, it probably won't be as strong as when you first bought it.

What cough medicine can pregnant woman take?

No drug can be considered 100% safe to use during pregnancy.

Is it dangerous to take expired acetaminophen cough syrup with codine?

Generally taking expired medicine of any kind is not recommended. Is it likely to be dangerous, no, theres a chance the potency has decreased, but it should not be dangerous.

Is coughing a sign of pregnancy?

No, coughing is not a sign of pregnancy. But it can occur later in pregnancy, from your uterus pressing on the vagal nerve. This can trigger coughing, hiccups or occasionally even pressure or discomfort.If you have a severe cough and you think you are pregnant see your doctor or clinic. This is not a good time to be self medicating. Your doctor can give you safe cough medication if needed. And let you know if you are pregnant or not.

Why might it be dangerous for a heavy smoker to use a cough suppressant?

ANSWERBecause the cough is a only chance to clean lungs from all these dirty products of smoking . A phlegm is a transport for products of smoking and a cough helps to drive it away from lungs.When smoker use a cough suppressant he switch this mechanism off.

Is it Dangerous to mix Cough Medicine and Alcohol together?

Yes, I am sure that is soo dangerous to myx alcohol with coug medicine. Ask a doctor to be in good hand.

Does cold medicine affect pregnancy tests?

NoThe pregnancy hormone HCG is produced by the embryo not the mother and is detectable by the pregnancy tect in extremely small amounts.Ordinary cough / cold medicine will not affect the result either way

Does cough syrup help increase chances of pregnancy?

If you take robitussin, it is supposed to help your body supply more mucus. I don't think it directly "increases" your chances of pregnancy.

You are 15 weeks pregnant and sick with a cough you have been taking Robitussin DM and your pregnancy symptoms have diminished Is this normal?

The Robitussin should have no affect on your pregnancy but you should check with your doctor. You find that many of the symptoms of pregnancy reduce after 13 weeks, the tiredness, nausea, sore breasts etc all tend to get better and you start to 'bloom'. You have probably been feeling so sick with the cough you hadn't noticed the pregnancy symptoms diminishing.

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