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Is it ever cold in the rainforest?


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at night it gets cold sometimes and especially if it has been a hot day before


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no because the equator is close to the amazon

No. Greece is too cold for a rainforest.

they eat what ever they can find in the rainforest they eat what ever they can find in the rainforest

It is cold. Climate can't accomidate a rainforest.

Wet and warm, Humid (Tropical Rainforest) Wet and cool (Temperate Rainforest)

If you have ever been in the rainforest you would know that it is the penguin.

yes the amazon rainforest gets cold on a night

All frogs are cold blooded animals.

HINT! Its a rain forest, is there ever snow in a rainforest? Answer that, and you've got your answer.

Polar bears have adapted to the cold. It's too warm in the rainforest.

It isn't really cold, 40 to 60 degrees but its really moist.

the coldest is 5 degrees above zero :)

There is no rain and there are no forests there. It is too cold for trees.

they are furry so they dont get cold

You are dumb the answer is obvious you suck you moron the answer is cold

Yes due to the lack of a cold season

its provides us oxygen ever night and ever day

No Venus can not ever ever get cold. The reason is that most of the time, It is 896 degrees Fahrenheit. That is your answer.

yes. it does stop raining sometimes

The Amazon rainforest is an amazing place, that has a wide temperature range. The coldest is has been known to get is 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

the weather in tropical rainforest is sometimes cold and rainy,sometimes hot and sunny.

A tropical rain forest is more cold that hot but contains some heat as well.

it is cold and damp and wet sometimes it is oosy a as thick mud

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