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Q: Is it good for WikiAnswers to get more questions than answers?
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Why are there never any answers to the questions on WikiAnswers?

Because there are more questions than there are answers, we do our best to answer them all, however, it will take time, but with time there comes more questions!

Who likes wikianswers?

The 51,048,429 members who have given 26,490,832 answers (and many more questions) all like WikiAnswers.

Why wont this give you good answers?

You could try being more specific in your questions, so then WikiAnswers can provide you with the best possible answer.

Why is WikiAnswers not answerimg your questions?

WikiAnswers is a large site and there are more than 16 million questions. Your question gets answered if a contributor notices it and answers it.

What is the difference between using a search engine and WikiAnswers to find answers for homework questions?

The search engine is more detailed and expansive as compared to WikiAnswers when it comes to finding answers for homework questions.

Is answercom have real answers?

Yes, WikiAnswers has more questions on it then the other site Yahoo Answers. It's answers are also generally better, as questions can be added to and edited.

What are the answers to the Spelling connections quiz?

WikiAnswers does not provide answer keys for educational programs. Do not request or post these answer sheets. You may ask one or more questions of a related nature, but do not copy these questions and answers into WikiAnswers.

How does this website help people?

Wikianswers helps people by giving them answers to their questions. In addition to that, your frequent use of wikianswers will make you more knowledgable.

Who is ID1147339187?

ID114339187 #1 out of all comtibutors (which luvergirl550 is on too) and answers alot of TRUE questions or statements. It is a user here on WikiAnswers and is all just like us but asks more questions and answers more questions.

Is yahooanswers better than WikiAnswers?

They are both good, but it depends upon what you are looking for. WikiAnswers is better if you want answers from a dictionary or encyclopedia or something. Yahoo!Answers is better if you want answers for something else random or about relationships or something. You can also edit your question more on Yahoo! Answers, and get points for answering questions. ^ if wikianswers were just about dictionaries etc, whats with the categories?

Apart from WikiAnswers where else can you go to ask more questions?

There are many websites similar to WikiAnswers which you can ask questions on. Quora is very similar to WikiAnswers except that it has more features, and a smaller user base. Aardvark is another Q&A service that is designed to get answers fast and it works well, but you can't search for questions on it that have already been answered. Yahoo answers is also like WikiAnswers, except it allows people to post separate answers to questions rather than have everyone edit one answer.

How many correct answers are there on WikiAnswers?

Of the millions of questions asked, there are relatively good answers to many thousands, and marginal answers for many thousands more. The vast majority of incorrect or nonsense answers are added on purpose by those who should know better.

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