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Yes, Its very difficult and rather expensive.

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Q: Is it hard to convert a hardtop classic into a permanent convertible?
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Is it possible to convert a hardtop 1969 Chevy Chevelle into a hardtop convertible?

Possible? Yes. If you have enough money, I am sure someone can do it.

What cars are hardtop convertibles?

Ford made a hardtop convertible in 1957, 58 and 59.

Does the bugatti veyron have a hardtop convertible?

No, the convertible model has a soft top only.

Is the 2006 Mercedes-Benz SL Class convertible a hardtop?

no hence its a convertible.

What are the three body types?

Sedan, Hardtop, Convertible,

Did any manufacturer ever make a 4 door hardtop convertible car?

lincoln made a 4 door convertible in the 60's but I don't think anyone mads a 4 dr. hardtop convertible.

What are some models of BMW cars that have a retractable hardtop?

There are several models of BMW that have a retractable hardtop. Some of these car models include the BMW 328i Convertible, BMW M3 Convertible, and BMW 335i Convertible.

Hard top convertible cars?

The 1957, 58 and 59 Fords were available with a convertible hardtop.

What year did Mazda introduce the Miata hardtop convertible?


Was the Ford Thunderbird ever made with a retractable hardtop?

The only Ford products that had a retractable hardtop were the (1957-1959) Ford Skyliner, and the (1967) Lincoln Continental. Ford did build a Thunderbird convertible wherein the convertible top folded into the trunk but not a retractable hardtop.

How many Ford Mustangs were made in 1966?

63A 2dr fastback standard27,80963B 2dr fastback luxury7,88965A 2dr hardtop standard422,41665B 2dr hardtop luxury55,93865C 2dr hardtop bench seats21,39776A convertible56,40976B convertible luxury12,52076C convertible bench seats3,190TOTAL607,568

What are some car manufacturers that make hardtop convertibles?

The hardtop convertible has become very popular in recent years and a number of car manufacturers offer models with this feature. Mercedes, BMW, Peugeot, Vauxhall and Ford all offer hardtop convertible models.

Will seats from a hardtop 84 eldorado fit a 84 convertible?

The front seats will, the rear seats will not. The convertible does not have as much room in the rear and does not have an arm rest as the hardtop version does. So to answer your question, yes and no.

How many 1966 Mustangs were made?

Here are the Production numbers by code63A 2dr fastback standard27,80963B 2dr fastback luxury7,88965A 2dr hardtop standard422,41665B 2dr hardtop luxury55,93865C 2dr hardtop bench seats21,39776A convertible56,40976B Convertible luxury12,52076C convertible bench seats3,190TOTAL607,568

What is the difference between a Fiat spider and a Fiat coupe?

A Spider or Spyder is a convertible. A Coupe is a hardtop 2-door. A sedan is a 4-door hardtop.

Will 2002 hardtop door fit 2002 convertible?

Make and model would help.

When did the BMW 3 series hardtop convertible first get released?

Spring 2007, we got ours in April.

What is the weight of a 1971 gto?

Options will change the base figures but Hardtop was 3,753 and convertible weighed in at 3,802.

How many versions of the Mini Cooper are there?

There are two versions of the newer and older mini coopers. A convertible and a hardtop.

What feature does the Mazda MX5 Hardtop have?

The Mazda MX5 Hardtop convertible has many features. Some of these features include the vehicle being light in weight, a sleek design, and a 167HP engine.

How much did a Pontiac gto cost in 1967?

The base hardtop went for $2,935. A convertible was a couple hundred more.

why would the vin indicate a 1966 chevelle was born a 2 door hardtop when it is actually a convertible?

added the top?

Can you change a hardtop 1983 eldorado to a convertible?

You can make anything into a convertible, but you lose structural rigidity. Essentially, the car will flex, squeak, rattle, and drive even worse than it already does.

What is the weight of a 1988 Suzuki Samurai?

Convertible 2094 lbs Hardtop 2127 lbs According to the 1988 Drivers Manual

Are convertible top cars colder and noisier than a hardtop sedan?

nope concertibles that they make these days are as good as hardtop if it has soft top it might get colder faster but it will stay as cold as hardtop overnight at same temp. They heat up as fast as hardtops but no they are not any noisier then regular vehicles.