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My undergraduate degree is in Psych... the degree is mostly useless unless you are going on toward a masters.

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Q: Is it hard to get a job in New York with an associates degree in psychology?
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How many years of schooling does it take to get a degree in Psychology?

It would take 2 to 3 years of schooling, also known as college to earn a degree in Psychology. It is hard work for most people and exhausting. You would be glad once your done with the schooling, It is all worth it though.

Once you have a radiology technician associate's do you further your education in radiology?

First off let me state that we are by no means "TECHNICIANS"!! Let us get our terminology straight. If you are getting an Associates Degree & Pass your registry. You would then be known as a Radiology "Technologist"! You can now apply at some accredited University and go for a Bachelor's Degree in Radiology and if you really want to further your education, you can pursue a Master's Degree. Just keep in mind that times are hard and more than likely you will get PAID as if you received an Associates Degree. Why pay someone with a Bachelor's or Master's Degree more, when you can pay less with an Associates Degree. Hope this helps!

What are some examples of reverse psychology?

Playing hard to get can be used as reverse psychology

Is welding education on average hard to complete?

A welding certificate requires very few core subjects to be taken. However, an associates degree will require all the basics be taken.

What colleges offer associates degree in nursing?

Without knowing where you are living it is hard to determine which college would be best for you to get your associate degree. It sounds like you would benefit from doing some research on your own or calling a local college to you and asking there.

How hard is it to get a criminal justice degree online?

Criminal justice degrees online are fairly normal degrees for a person to get these days on the internet, it is very accomodating to the major itself. The degree takes two years for an associates program and four for a bachelors, just like any typical degree would.

Is an accounting degree hard work?

yes of course. every degree is hard work.

How many years of college do you need to be an airplane pilot?

The regional airlines typically hire applicants with at least a two year associates degree. Many require at least that to apply. The major airlines prefer a 4 year bachelors degree of their applicants, even if it is not a hard requirement with some carriers. The degree can be in any subject.

How do i find a job in marketing with an associate's degree?

Your best bet, honestly, is to get an internship. It's a hard time with the economy now, and the companies will probably go for those with a BA or experience over those with an associates.

how do you become a legal assistant?

You need a associates degree to become a paralegal. Then you need to find the job. This is the hard part, some of the best options would be to start looking for work while you are still in school.

Is it hard to get a degree in nursing?

not really it was not hard for me

What has the author Deborah A Thomas written?

Deborah A. Thomas has written: 'Hard times' -- subject(s): Psychology, Whole and parts (Psychology), Psychology in literature, Knowledge

Where can I get a digital photography degree?

A degree in digital photography can be achieve through hard work and study at an institution such as an art school. A school that can provide this learning experience the New York Institute of Photography which can be found at "".

How hard is it to get into the University of York?

Extremely hard

How many leaving cert points do you need for child psychology?

There is no straight forward child psychology course, You must do a degree(3years) in psychology (between about 490 and 540 points depending on the college), then you must do between 1 to 2 years of experience in a practice or organisation, From there you apply to do clinical psychology(around 50 places in Ireland every year minimum of II1 DEGREE), this is 3 years. THEN you can go into child psychology which is even further study, research etc. in other words it is a very long path and there are very few places. Also even though there is a high demand for child psychologists in Ireland the government are not providing funding (you would probably have to go abroad for a job ATM). In other words unless you REALLY want it and work hard, its not a straight forward degree and extremely difficult.(trust me i know).

How hard is it to find a job as a psychologist in New York?

There are many jobs as psychologists in New York. It is a highly competitive industry, however, and the school you attended, your years in practice and degree of experience will all help you find a good job.

Where can one find a psychology dictionary?

The local library and college book stores probably offer psychology dictionaries. If they do not offer a hard copy you can always look up psychology terms from a-z to find what you are looking for.

What is the superlative degree of hard?


Is it hard to get a degree in Computer & Information Sciences?

It is not a really hard degree to obtain but you will have to work for it. It involves a lot of computer programming and logic courses.

What kind of job can you get with a associate in psychology?

You could work as staff in a residential treatment center for kids, adolscents, or young adults (working directly with the clients/patients). You could work at a state mental hospital as a psych tech. You may possibly qualify for a SSW license depending on the state you are in, which would open a bunch of other employment doors for you.You can of course be a psychologist, after earning a PhD and being licensed by the state in which you want to practice. An associates degree will not help you very much in landing your first job. Even many assistant or intern positions require at least a bachelors, and to get fully certified you'll need a master's degree.It is hard to get a job with only an Associates degree in Psychology. Most employers require experience along with the education. To get experience, try volunteering with somewhere maybe one or two days a week to get that experience.You might look for a job as drug counselor or on a crisis hotline. High-paying jobs will be very competitive and will probably require at least a bachelors degree, if not a masters or PhD.It's difficult to get a job with a Psychology degree unless you have at least a Master's. An Associate's degree can only get you the most menial of psych jobs, like a medical receptionist or an orderly in an institution.

Will a conviction of criminal possession of a controlled substance 7th degree section 220.03 over thirty years ago automatically disqualify a person from obtaining a pistol permit in New York State?

I just learned the hard way. In New York ANY criminal possession of a controlled substance in ANY degree is an automatic disqualifier.

Differences between psychology and common sense?

Psychology is backed by evidence. common sense is not backed by evidence and can not be proved to be right or wrong, Psychology must be backed by hard evidence and must have proof and experiments done to prove this .

How hard is it to survive in New York?

super and very hard

Is computer science hard?

it is about as hard as any other college degree in the sciences.

How hard is it to get an job as an x ray tech?

not necessarily that hard. all you need to do is get a degree in medical technology and then if you want an engineering degree and you are all set.

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