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Is it hard to see in space?

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Q: Is it hard to see in space?
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In what way is the atmosphere a challenge to viewing objects in space?

it is a challenge because it is hard to see by the gases that surround our planet

What does a rainbow look like from space?

I doubt one has ever been seen, and that it is even possible. Wiki what causes a rainbow and you will see how hard it would be for that to be seen from space.

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They are NOT hard to see.

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Can you see a rainbow in outer space?

You cannot see rainbows from space.

Can you see stars in space?

Yes, you can see stars in space. It is very difficult to take pictures of stars in space but the human eye can see them.

Can you see aeroplanes from space?

Depending on where you are in space you may be able to see aeroplanes from space. On the International Space Station you are able to see planes, but they look like small dots.

The study of life in space?

the life in space is really hard, because you have to wear space suit.etc

See earth from space what we see?

see you at the

Can you see red in space?

Yes - you can see all colors of the spectrum in Space.

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What is hard and rhymes with space?


What is the biggest part of space called?

Perhaps you mean "deep space" which is any area of space "distant" from stars. The space between the galaxies is far bigger by many millions of times than the space inside galaxies. Space is so big it really is hard to imagine and its actual current size is many times larger than the size we can see with the best telescopes (because what they see is where that part of space was billions of years ago and in those billions of years space has continued to move even farther away).

Can you see in outer space?

Yes,at night when the sun is gone, there is no light to hide space so we see space at night.

Can you see pictures of space debris?

Yes, you will be able to see photos of space debris if you google images 'space debris'.