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Dogs can eat mints but if you feed them too many they might get sick. if you are concerned about your dogs breath you should brush their teeth properly with an old tooth brush Sure dogs can eat mints, A lot of dogs wont even touch it though. I have an English Bulldog that will take the little ice breaker mints and then foam at the mouth, it's funny. It is not safe for a dog to eat mints. In fact many "sweets" contain Xylitol which is poisonous to dogs. Dogs that eat Xilitol can develop a sudden drop in blood sugar, which can cause weakness, lethargy, loss of coordination, collapse and seizures. Symptoms can begin in as little as 30 minutes and last hours. It is recommended that pets that experience symptoms be taken to a veterinarian or local emergency clinic for evaluation.

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Q: Is it healthy for a dog to eat mints?
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Of course it is. What's not healthy is if dogs eat a lot of peoples food.

Is it healthy for a dog to eat rice?

Yes, rice is fine for a dog to eat.

What type of food do dogs eat?

Dogs eat proper dog food, dog cans, milk or either dog treats. These things are definitely healthy to them! (dog treat are healthy to be dog treat seriously)

Can you give your dog breath mints?

Not human mints, but you can give them doggie mints which you can buy in stores.

Is it healthy for a dog to eat bread?

No, it isn't healthy for a dog to eat bread because bread get clogged in a dogs digestive system and makes it more difficult for the dog to defecate, and the dog may vomit.

What should I do if my dog doesn't eat?

If your dog doesn't eat, that is a symptom of sickness of some kind. Healthy dogs eat enthusiastically. The dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian.

Is it healthy to eat glue off a hot dog?

There shouldn't be any kind of glue on a hot dog, and no, it doesn't sound healthy at all !

Why do dogs eat grass and is it healthy for a small 6 pound dog?

One of the reasons that a dog will eat grass is because it has an upset stomache but I thinks that it is normal thing for a dog to eat grass. I am not sure if it is healthy for a 6 pound dog but I am pretty sure it's fine. I would ask a veterinarian.

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yes but it is not healthy for them because of the salt

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yes, my dog does all of the time. hes very healthy :] huhuhahaha

Can eating mints make you gain weight?

Depends on what mints you want to eat :)

Are mints OK for a mini donkey to eat?

I have miniature donkey that I need to train and gain the trust of, and I've heard that they like mints. But I know that there's a whole lot of junk in them, and I want my donkey to be healthy. Is it okay to use mints as occasional treats? Also, can you recommend any other treats?

Is kibbles and bits a healthy dog food?

A healthy dog food has meat listed first.Any dog food that has corn,soy wheat and meat by- products listed is not healthy and all those things are just fillers and the dog will want to eat more.

Fruits that dogs can eat?

Dogs can eat fruits, but it is not healthy. NEVER feed your dog grapes they are poisonous to dogs. Of course feeding your dog human food is obviously not healthy.

How much does a dog eat each day?

It depends on the size of the dog and how energetic it is. Working dogs will eat more but remain slim and healthy

Can dogs eat dear bones?

a dog can eat any type of bone but the question you should have asked is is it healthy for a dog to eat deer bones then in that case the answer would be no

Is it healthy for your dog to eat whitw rice?

Yes, in fact , the better dog foods contain rice. What is really bad for a dog is to eat rice, but no meat.

Is it healthy for a horse to eat mints?

No. Even though many people feed their horse peppermints they are not good for horses. They are pure sugar and are not healthy for horse. If you insist on feeding peppermints please feed in moderation.

What is ok for your dog to eat if you run out of dog food?

Do not give them chocolate. you can give them (if they will eat it) veggies fruit meat (raw or cooked) anything healthy

Do dogs eat frogs?

Depending how a dog is raised, its size and personality, it is possible for a dog to eat a frog. This is not healthy as some frogs can be highly poisonous.

Do horses eat mints?


Do gypsy horses eat mints?

They can.

Is it normal to sneeze when you eat mints even if you do not have an allergic reaction?

If they're really strong mints I guess it is normal. If I eat really strong flavored mints or something my eyes water which makes me sneeze sometimes ;)

Is it safe for dogs to eat fruit?

yes dogs can eat fruit!!!! my dog loves fruit and he is still healthy.

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