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The age of consent law is different from state to state. So depending on which state they reside in, depends on whether a relationship between a 17-year-old and 20-year-old is legal or not.

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Is it illegal to sell your daughter?


Can daughter get married to her dad?

No, incest is illegal.

Is it illegal in Louisiana for a daughter to marry her father?


Is it illegal to finger your daughter?

Yes. That is considered child molestation.

Is it illegal to force your daughter who is named Kayla who loves you very much to clean her room?

Yes, it is illegal to force your daughter Kayla who loves you very much,to clean her own room. if you force her to do that she shouldn't even be your daughter and you should be arrested. Shame on you.

Should a husband sleep with his daughter instead of his wife?

A husband sleeping with his daughter is considered child abuse if the daughter is a minor and is always incest, and illegal act.

If a single mom decides to move out of state with her daughter and there is no custody established with the father is it illegal or does the mom need to get permission from the father?

It is illegal.

Is it illegal for my 12 year old daughter to share bedroom with step father?


What is a good price to sell my daughter for?

Thats illegal and a punishable crime in most countries ,you cant sell your daughter she's not a livestock or a commodity.

Is it illegal for a teacher to have her daughter as a student?

Nope. Hard to be fair to them, though - our Mom tried it!

Is it illegal for a step father to secretly video tape his teenage daughter in her bedroom?


Is it reasonable to make the marriage between my son and daughter of my elderbrother's daughter?

In the uk - cousins marrying is not illegal but people have varying moral view points on it

Is it ok to marry uncle's daughter's daughter?

If you really want to marry your uncles grandaughter.It is not illegal.

Is it illegal to use your daughter as your survent?

That is called child abuse.... and child abuse is illegial..... yes

If you have a daughter almost 17 who likes this guy 19 is it illegal for them to date with out sexual activity?


Can a father finger his daughter?

Physically, a father could finger his daughter. However, all cultures frown on such practices, most countries make it illegal, and, if the daughter is under age, it is considered to be child sexual abuse.

Is it legal for a father his adult daughter to have sexual relations in Mexico?

No. Incest is illegal in every developed place.

Is it illegal for a mother to hit her daughter?

If it really counts as "hitting", then it probably constitutes assault and battery, which is illegal almost everywhere.Spanking a child is legal in some places and not in others.

Can my 16 year old daughter serve alcohol at work?

No, in most states it is illegal for a minor to touch\carry alcohol or tobacco. If you daughter is serving alcohol it is the supervisors fault, not hers.

Can you divorce your illegal wife and retain full custody of your daughter?

If you live in the US and if the court determines that it's in the child's best interest for you to have custody, yes. The fact that the wife is illegal will not be a consideration at all.

Marriage with mother's sister daughter is legal or illegal?

In America I'm sure it would go against the law, but in other countries or places I have no idea. Don't marry your mother's sister's daughter.

Can your daughter sleep with you?

Not in most countries. Despite whatever ethical questions may arise, it is grossly illegal in most countries.

My daughter is 15 and he is 19 I've given my consent is it legal?

You don't mention the jurisdiction but here in the UK it would be illegal.

Can you get your daughter pregnant?

That would be incest and very much illegal, in many countries also as adults. And yes, you can. There are many sad cases where the father has impregnated his daughter. He ends up in prison for many years.

Is it illegal to tell a 17 year old daughter that she cant have boyfriend that she truly likes?

no its not illegal but it is to over-protected. when a girl/boy is 17,let them spread they're wings. Its time they get to know how its like to have responsibilities

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