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Is it illegal in the state of Michigan for a 27-year-old to get a 16-year-old pregnant?

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This all depends on the circumstances. If the 16 year old has given consent then it is not considered statutory rape according to Michigan Law. However, if the 16 year old became pregnant against her will, it would fall under rape, regardless of her age. The following was taken from the Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) Law for the State of Michigan. An individual who is 15 years of age or under is considered a minor under this law and is not considered legally able to consent to a sexual experience. If an individual 16 yrs. or older engages in a sexual experience with someone 15 yrs or younger, that is Statutory Rape regardless of whether the minor agreed to the experience or not. A parent or legal guardian of the minor can press charges against the adult even if the minor consented to the experience.

2006-07-20 04:41:33
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