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It would be fraud to make such a claim. Only the owner of the trademark can make such a claim.

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2015-12-13 03:10:25
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Q: Is it illegal to claim you own a registered trademark?
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Is using the thx trademark in your own video illegal?

Without a license, yes. Keep in mind the "Deep Note" is also a registered trademark.

Is it illegal to use a trademark from another company if your product is made from their material?

Yes, trademarks are registered and are valuable properties to the companies that own them.

What purpose would one do a registered trademark search?

The purpose of a person doing a registered trademark search is if the person wants to register a trademark of their own. If their action is already trademarked, it cannot be trademarked by another person.

If you own a trademark and I use it and keep it registered how long can I keep it?

If I own a trademark and YOU use it, then our relationship is contractual and the terms will dictate when it may be terminated, if ever. Also, if I own a trademark then you have no right to register it unless you can prove you have an exclusive license from me to use it. However, if I licensed you to use MY trademark without reserving any rights to monitor the quality, then I may have forfeited any right to the trademark.

Does anybody own the phrase hallelujah holla back?

There are no registered trademarks for that phrase; common-law trademark may exist.

Is it illegal to own a car and not register it?

If you drive it on the street or park it on the street, yes. I has to be registered.

Can you use a trademark sign on a document if the document is made by you and named by you even if you do not own a business or company?

Yes. You do not have to have a trademark registered to use it. But if you are doing a large business or expect to expand trademarks are handled through the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS).

Can you register copyrighted material into a registered trademark?

If it is your own or you have a license, yes. For example, something originally conceived as a decorative element may become part of a logo.

Is it illegal to generate a quit claim deed on property you do not own at all as if it is your property?

Yes, of course.

Does anyone own the copyright for the phrase cheese head nation?

Phrases are not copyrightable. If a phrase is used on the packaging of a product or the advertising of a service it may be registered as a trademark or servicemark.

Can you do your own fireworks in New Jersey?

no. It is illegal to buy and set off fireworks in New Jersey unless your a registered professional.

Aportstorage has its own trademark?

APORTSTORAGE. This trademark is owned by Harris, Danny Martin

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