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Well that depends like if you got arrested for two counts of the same thing that is not illegal as long as you did that same thing twice like you stole two cars but if you stole one car and got arrested for it twice on the same count that is double jeopardy and is illegal in the U.S. Constitution.

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Q: Is it illegal to get arrest for the same charge?
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Yes, unlawful arrest and or unlawful detainment are suits that you can bring against the authority in charge of your detention.

Are the argument police going to arrest you if a program says illegal argument?

There is no such thing as an illegal argument so the illegal police will not arrest you.

Do police arrest illegal immigrants because they are illegal?

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Can you apply for a corrections officer job if you have a DUI and a resisting arrest charge?

"resisting arrest charge" no and we dont need you. DUI/DWI

Can a police officer arrest you on one charge and then then change it to another charge?

Yes. If the grounds for the arrest were lawful to begin with, the actual charge can be changed or amended at a later time.

Pending misdemenor charge will it show up?

If it involved your arrest, yes, there will be a record of your arrest.

If one has already been arrested can they be rearrested for same charge?

Yes, repeat offenses are common. An arrest for each offense.

What is the arrest charge AMC?

The charge is likely an abbreviation for "Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child"

When an officer makes an arrest without just cause he or she may?

Be liable for the charge of false arrest.

Can you enter US with a resisting arrest charge?

can you get into the us from canada with an old resist arrest on record

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