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No it's not illegal to have a yard sale in Texas.

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Q: Is it illegal to have a yard sale in Texas?
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Is it illegal to hang up yard sale posters?

This questions asks about local laws that vary from place to place. Where I am from, it is illegal to post any sign on public property, such as a lamppost or a tree. It is not illegal to have what we call a "stoop sale" (no one has yards here), as long as you live in the building in front of which you have the sale, you do not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic and you do not offer for sale any merchandise that is illegal to sell or requires a license or permit to sell. In some places, however, you must obtain a yard sale permit from the local town hall before you can hold or advertise a yard sale.

Is it illegal to sell contact lenses at a yard sale?

Yes, because these are prescription items.

Is it illegal to have a yard sale in England?

Yard sales and garage sales are legal in England provide the sale does not occur regularly enough for the council or government to consider the home a 'shop'.

How do you make fast cash in Texas without identification?

Some ways to make fast cash in Texas without identification is to do yard work, babysitting, or have a yard sale.

Where is the yard sale on poptropica?

There is no yard sale.

Where can you buy a ruler that is 3 feet long?

At a yard sale.

How do you get the hologram projector on millsberry?

buy at yard sale buy at yard sale buy at yard sale

How to make fast cash in taxes without doing something illegal?

One way to make fast cash without doing something illegal is to have a yard sale.

What is a yard sale?

A yard sale is a sale of household goods held on the seller's own property.

Where to have a yard sale?

have your yard sale on a buisy road but not on a road with multiple cars

Does anybody have a cheap yard sale on

Miley213 has a really cheap yard sale.

What is the difference between a yard sale and a garage sale?

not that much. a yard sale is stuff you dont want put a table and being sold in your yard. a garage sale is when you take out really old stuff from your garage and put it for sale.