Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Is it illegal to move out at sixteen and move in with a boyfriend?


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technically yes but no too because you shouldn't be pregnant anyways

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No. It may be illegal for you to have sex with him and since it is your parents house you can't legally move the boyfriend in without their permission but it's not illegal for him to live there. If he is also a minor and his parents don't want him to move in there could be problems.

yes sixteen and a day you can legally start dating

If you are 16 and living in the UK than its completely up to you.

No, I am pretty sure that is illegal. I wouldn't take the risk.

It is not illegal for you to move in with your boyfriend who is 16, that is IF YOU HAVE PARENTS PERMISSION TO DO SO. Because you are not 18 which still makes you a minor, and you still have to do what mom and dad says

I would research this for yourself. but I'm pretty sure that the parents would have to give consent since you are underage and your boyfriend is 25.

With her parent's permission, she can live anywhere. Without it, she is at home.

You have to be 18 to move out and live on your own legally. If its okay with your parents, you can go to court, and legally become an adult at 16 or 17 depending on where you live.

No, a sixteen year old can not legally move out on their own in Kentucky. Unless the sixteen year old is married or has parental permission they have to live with the parent until they are 18.

Legally no. Unless you have parental consent or you have been emancipated by the court system where you live

Only if her parents have given permission. And if there is sexual contact, it could be illegal to do so.

Yes she can, it is not illegal. if it okay with her to move than you can't change her mind, but if you are worried than you should talk about this to someone who can help.

No it is not illegal. I was 17 and pregnant when my boyfriend moved in with me. He was 21. Its not a big deal and then i just went and got married to him. In certain states you can get married with just a doctors note saying your pregnant. In Maryland is where i did it.

It isn't illegal however if you have sex it can be illegal if your parents take action.

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