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If the music is copyrighted it is illegal. Yes. If the music is copyrighted it is illegal. Yes. Unless you purchase the music. In Canada it's legal.

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When is LimeWire illegal?

When you use it to do illegal things, such as download copyrighted music or obtain child pornography.

Can you legally download music from LiveWirecom?

if it is copyrighted, its illegal. dont do it. its not right. i think there may be leglal downloads, but if its copyrighted music, it is illegal. DONT USE LIMEWIRE

Is it illegal to use LimeWire to download music to put on your mp3 player or ipod?

Yes downloading copyrighted music is generally considered illegial because it is being 'distributed' In Canada it's not illegal. Using softwares like Limewire to download songs is illegal no matter which country unless or otherwise the music not copyrighted. What music is NOT copyrighted????????

How do you download music from LimeWire to mp3s?

You use Limewire to download MP3' need to convert them.

What is the safest music downloading site to go on?

I would use frostwire or limewire, I mainly use limewire to download music.

When we download a song from LimeWire for personal use is it illegal?


LimeWire isn't working what else can you use to download music Legally?

You can use blubster to download music free

Is it illegal to use LimeWire plus?

It is completely legal to download songs videos, etc. from the free limewire or any other version of limewire.

What is the Best music and movie download service?

Well you can use Limewire or Frostwire but there is only one problem! The music,movies and images you get of there are copyright and illegal! You may want to look for some other site to download stuff like that. Well you can use Limewire or Frostwire but there is only one problem! The music,movies and images you get of there are copyright and illegal! You may want to look for some other site to download stuff like that.

What is an easy to use music download site?

-Limewire (not actually a site but you download it) -airMP3

Can you use lime wire to download songs?

That is a very common, and often illegal, use for limewire.

How to download free music?

Log on to the Internet. you need to download a free music thing like utorrent and get torrents from piratebay or you can use limewire, but many viruses are found on limewire

Where can you download free music for the ipod touch?

Downloading free music is generally illegal. However, Limewire is a very easy-to-use file sharing site, if you don't mind viruses.

Is LimeWire ok to download?

Limewire is a perfectly legal program. The problems arise when and how you use it. Downloading copyright material is illegal no matter how you do it.

Can you give me some websites to download free music on to your ipod?

on limewire they are free (grace.kong): yes they are free however, it is illegal, and is told to shut down the company so do not use limewire if you dont want to get caught :)

In which states is LimeWire illegal?

LImeWire is illegal to use in all states.

How do you download songs on free music app?

if you want to download music in the computer you can use limewire and in ipod you can use itunes or go to app store and buy the music

Is it legal to use LimeWire if you only use it for your own personal use?

It is illegal to download songs from Limewire whether it is for your personal use, mass distribution or any other reason.

Is it legal to download music from Bearshare?

No, Bearshare is much like Limewire. The program itself is not illegal. It is what people do with it that is. If you are downloading copyrighted / licensed music, but are not legally obtaining the license to use it yourself, it is illegal. The same goes for uploading. If you are uploading music or video that you do not own rights to, it is also illegal.

Is it illegal to use LimeWire to get music?

ur an idiot. yes it is in most countries at least.

What music is NOT copyrighted from LimeWire?

Limewire is a file-sharing technology that allows its users to share data with one another. Often it is used to share music, and most often that music is copyrighted. Filesharing copyrighted music is ILLEGAL and should not be done. DO NOT put your backups of your purchased CDs on Limewire. DO NOT try to obtain music through Limewire. As a general precaution, do not even use Limewire; there are too many possibilities of illegal implication.

How do you get free music off of lime wire?

You should not use limewire, since it is an illegal music sharing website.

When you try to download music why doesn't it download?

cause u have to use itunes or limewire. but downloading songs that is not payed for is

What sites can you legally download music for free?

I think you can use limewire! (hope that helps)

What programs can you use to download music?

I use some people use limewire or bearshare or itunes it depends if you want to pay for the music.

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