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Hello. Yes it is. It is always important to inform your doctor or surgeon of any medications you have taken or are currently on, including those bought over the counter.

2006-07-23 19:38:44
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Q: Is it important to inform your doctor that you are on birth control for a minor surgery?
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Is it safe to have an operation while taking Zyban?

Zyban is one of the medications which you should inform the doctor of if you are going to undergo surgery. This includes dental surgery as well as general surgery.

Where can one find information on plastic surgery on men?

Information on plastic surgery for men should be found from a doctor. They will be able to advise on surgery, companies and other information to inform a decision.

Is it safe to have a cataract surgery for pregnant women?

Pregnancy and cataract do not go hand in hand. But then you can go for the cataract surgery when pregnant. Only thing that you should inform your doctor that you are pregnant. And avoid the surgery in first trimester.

Does the Center of disease Control contact you if you test positive for HIV?

No. The CDC will not contact you. Your doctor will inform you if you test positive for HIV.

Where can I find advice on bariatric surgery complications?

The first and best place you should check would be with your doctor and/or surgeon. They are professionals and can inform you about any and all potential complications.

IF a patient tells his doctor that he will kill somebody shall the doctor inform the authorities?

Immediatley. Make sure to inform the police.

What is a sentence for the word elective?

Tom chose to have elective surgery to remove the warts on his had in September, after the family's summer holiday.When she asked her doctor about plastic surgery, he informed her that this elective procedure attracted certain risks that she should consider to inform her decision.

Can you be terminated for having surgery?

No if you have already inform about your surgery then it cant but if not then in some cases, secondaly if the surgery had to be done in emergency then also you cant be fired.

Should you talk to your doctor before going off birth control pills?

Yes. Always inform your doctor when changing medication. When you drop birth control pills, the medicine can remain in your system for up to two weeks. If during that time you are taken to the hospital, it's important that your medical file is as up-to-date as possible. You probably won't need an appointment; just phone it in.

What should i do before a bariatric surgery?

Before bariatric surgery it is important to get consultations and evaluations from a variety of health care professionals such as doctors, nutritionists, and pharmacists. Before the actual surgery date make sure you've purchased the supplies you'll need for recovery. Take all your medications as prescribed. Also, try to arrange to have a friend available for a few days following your surgery to help you out. Make sure to inform your doctor if you get sick within 48 hours of the surgery. Try to arrange to be part of a support group for after surgery. For more information, go to:

Do doctors have to inform you of drug tests?

Yes, a doctor must inform a patient of any drug tests performed on them. The doctor will need permission before they do any tests.

A discover fire in area you will?

(1) inform to control room / fire station (2) inform to control room / fire station/ extraneous (3) go to assemble point

Suboxone and surgery?

It is important to inform the medical team (especially the surgeon) that you have been on Suboxone (and at what dose). By doing so, the appropriate amount of anesthesia and pain medication may be administered in order to compensate for this.

If you have not told?

If you have not told your doctor that you have stopped them, then you should continue them, but if he was aware that you stopped taking them, then you should not take them. If they make the situation worse, then you may stop them again , but always inform your doctor if you start or start any new medication, that is important

What must the patient tell the doctor What must the patient tell the doctor before microsurgery?

It is important that the patient inform the doctor completely about any prior surgeries, medical conditions, or medications taken on a regular basis, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin .

How long is the recovery from a typical back surgery?

The typical recovery for a back surgery depends on the person who received the surgery. However, most Doctors will inform patients not to return to their regular scheduled activities for about 5 weeks.

What is a requiremento?

inform conquered people that they were under the control of the Catholic Church.

Can a 15-year-old talk to their doctor confidentially about going on birth control without having to inform the parents?

It depends on what state you are in. Do a search on the internet regarding the above in your area/country.

What is the most important objective of conducting safety briefings?

Safety briefings can:inform managementimprove communicationinform employees

Which of the four Ds is violated when a doctor fails to inform risks of not having treatment?


What type of doctor should I contact if I am experiencing black mold symptoms?

You can see a doctor that is a general practitioner. Just inform the doctor that you have been exposed to black mold and advise them of your symptoms..

Why did Samuel Pepys keep a diary?

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Is insulin allowed on the plane?

You need to inform the airline and be in possession of a letter from your doctor explaining your condition and treatment.

Is the stomach bypass surgery safe?

Of course with surgery you always have that small percentile that don't take to it very well. As far as I've heard however gastric bypass is one of the safer methods for weight loss surgery. Check out there's a link on the site that can inform you of all the risks to having the surgery.

Can you have surgury while taking suboxone?

Yes, but inform your doctor that you are taking Suboxone so that he/she can adjust your pain management drugs accordingly. you may have to partialy withdrawal from Suboxone before surgery so that you do not develop "precipitated withdrawals" from the introduction of another opiate or opioid for pain and/or analgesia.