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There are no laws about dating. there are laws about sexual contact and he could go to jail for it.

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Q: Is it legal for a 14-year-old girl to date a 19-year-old boy in Minnesota?
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Is it legal for a 15 year old that lives in Minnesota to date a 18 year old that lives in Florida?

It sould be legal but did your parents agree

Is it legal for a 18 year old to date a 15 year old in Minnesota?

I believe that in all of the United States it is legal to DATE a person 18+ if your under age, but it is not legal if you have sex with that person, it can classified easily as rape or sexual abuse/molestation.

What date was Minnesota adapted?

when was the Minnesota flag adopted

Is it legal for a 23 year old male to date a 17 year old female in Minnesota?

Yes, there are no laws preventing dating at any age, however as a reference, the age of consent in Minnesota is 16.

What are the legal dating ages in Minnesota?

Once the person reaches age 16 they are able to date someone 18+. Once you reach the age of 16 you are able to have sex.

If you are living in Minnesota and you are 14 years old and you date someone over 18 but are not having sex with them is that legal or not?

As long as there is no sex, then it's legal. Sex and marriage are illegal with someone over 18, in most states, without parental consent.

When was Minnesota's date of birth?

On May 11, 1858, Minnesota became the 32nd state in the US.

What is Minnesota date admitted to the Union?


What date was the Minnesota Twins established?


Is it legal to a 19 year old guy date a 14 year old in Michigan?

Yes it is legal to date...It is not, however, legal to do anything sexual

What is the site for free court records lookup in Minnesota?

You will be able to search FREE Minnesota Court Records through Minnesota Trial Court Public Access or Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Between the two databases you can search by name, date of birth, case or citation number or date.

What is the legal age to date in british Columbia?

There is no legal age to date in North America. It's the parents choice.

What is the legal age to date in Australia?

There is no legal age to date in Australia, however the age of consent for intercourse is 16.

Is the legal payment date the date the transaction is initiated or the date the payee receives the payment?

The legal payment due date is the date specified in the contract. The actual payment date is the date the payment is initiated by the payor unless specified otherwise in the contract.

What date did the Minnesota metrodome open?

The Minnesota Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome opened on April 3rd, 1982.

What is the date of admission of Minnesota?

On May 11, 1858, Minnesota became the 32nd state admitted into the United States.

Can a hospital that is not in business still collect a bill from 1994 in Minnesota?

They can certainly attempt to collect. There is a 6 year limit on the legal requirement, but it runs from the last payment or acknowledgement of the debt, not the date of the bill.

Is it legal in the state of Michigan to date an 18 year old if you are 16 years old and what is the legal age to have sex?

It is legal to date this person, but illegal to have sex.

Is it legal for and 18-year-old girl to date a 15-year-old boy?

it is legal to date yes...but in most states in the us it is not legal to have sex

Is it legal to date underage?

There is no legal age for dating. The legal restrictions are for sexual activity.

What date did Minnesota become a state?

11 May 1858

How many quarterbacks have the Minnesota Vikings had?

Seventeen starters to date.

Is it legal for a 14-year old girl to date a 17-year old boy in Minnesota?

Dating is legal regardless of age. If you're using "dating" as a euphemism for "sex", then in Minnesota ... it's still legal. The age of consent in Minnesota is 16, but people older than 13, but younger than 16, can legally consent to sex with someone not more than four years older.There are exceptions (if the older person is in a "position of authority" over the younger), but without complicating factors more than that, the situation as you have stated it is not illegal.

What cousin can you marry and be legal?

In Some States It Is Legal To Date Your Cousins !

Is it legal for a 13-year-old to date a 15-year-old?

It's perfectly legal to DATE as long as the parents are okay with it.

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