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As far as I know it is not legal for a felon to have any kind of firearm in the state of Texas.

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Q: Is it legal for a felon to have a rifle in Texas?
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Is it legal for a felon to have a airrifle in Texas?

Yes, an air rifle is not considered a firearm by Texas or federal laws.

Can an ex felon own an air rifle in Texas?

Yes. An air rifle is not considered a firearm, thus a felons possession is not limited.

Can a felon own an air rifle in Texas?

This question should be directed to the court in the state where the felon lives. Any answer given here might be misunderstood and cause more problems for the felon.

Can a convicted felon hunt with a black powder rifle in Indiana?

In the state of Missouri Its perfectly legal to hunt with a black powder rifle during deer season. In all counties

What is the legal age in Texas to buy a rifle?

The legal age to purchase a rifle or any other firearm in Texas is 21 years old or older. Recently, Texas ruled against overturning the minimum age to possess a firearm.

Legal age to own a rifle?

18 in any us jurisdiction i ever heard of. and you cannot be a convicted felon.

Can a ex felon in ca own and use a black powder rifle?

You need a lawyer for a current, legal and correct answer.

Can a previous felon in MI go hunting with a rifle?

No, once a felon always a felon.

Can a class c felon go hunting with a rifle or crossbow in Oregon?

You will need the services of a lawyer for a correct, legal and current answer.

Are bullet proof vest legal in Texas?

yes you are not a gang member, a convicted felon, or committing a crime at the time.

Is it legal for a convicted felon to own a muzzle loader in NC?

This is what I was told by a federal game warden it is not illegal for a felon to hunt with a black powder gun or a standard bow. A crossbow is illegal. A crossbow, shotgun, rifle, or any handgun it is illegal for a felon to possess.

Can felon own compound bow in Texas?

No, a felon cannot own a compound bow in Texas. A felon cannot own any type of weapon in Texas or in the entire country.

Is it legal to get married in Texas if you have been charged with a crime?

Yes you can get married. There are no prohibitions just because one is a felon. The marriage license doesn't have a place to indicate whether one is a felon or not.

What happens when a felon is caught with rifle?


Can a felon purchase a rifle in the state of NC?


Can a felon own a air rifle in Washington?


Aiding a felon penalty?

What is the penalty for aiding a felon in texas

Can a convicted felon in Texas carry a own a taser?

There is no Texas law that says a felon can not own a taser.

Is it legal to open carry a handgun in Texas?

No it is not legal to open carry a handgun in Texas. Only concealed carry with a CCW is allowed. Although open carrying a rifle or shotgun non threatingly (on your back) is perfectly legal.

Is hunting with a semi-automatic rifle legal in Texas?

Yes- see link at bottom of page.

Is it legal to have a bulletproof vest in Texas?

Yes... so long as you are not at the moment committing any crime or not a convicted felon and lastly, not in a gang.........

Can a felon associate with another felon in Texas?

The do in prison all the time.

Can a felon own a rifle in Texas?

A felon may not purchase, possess, or be allowed access to ANY type of firearm in ANY state, territory, or commonwealth of the United States. This is federal law, and applicable across the whole of the United States.

Can a convicted felon hunt with a air rifle in Florida?


Can a convicted felon buy rifle ammunition?

Not legally.