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Only if the mother has been designated the minor's payee by the SSA or there is a court order designating the mother the conservator of the minor child. In such cases the mother would be responsible for making a yearly accounting to the SSA and/or court of how the funds were spent and/or saved.

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Q: Is it legal for a mother to take a Social Security benefits of her 15-year-old child if the child does not live with her?
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Where can I find more information on Social Security death benefits?

If you are looking to determine what benefits are available to your mother, you should connect with Social Security directly, or look at this publication:

Can your mother draw benefits off your dad SSI?

Mother has nevef been able to draw from dad's SSI or Social Security. What do we need to do to rectify this?

Can you file for your mom's Social Security she never used?

No. There really is no such thing as "unused" benefits. If a person pays FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes but dies before he or she can collect benefits, his or her widow or widower and minor children, or adult children disabled before age 22 (if applicable) can collect monthly checks for survivors' benefits. Able-bodied adult children or those who became disabled after age 22 cannot collect benefits from their mother's Social Security (FICA) contributions. The unpaid amount remains in the Social Security trust fund.

Can your mother who has never worked collect social security?


Do you get Social Security from your mothers death?

You may receive Social Security benefits following your mother's death if she had enough work credits for eligibility and if you are under 18 years old (19 if still in high school) or you became disabled before age 22.

If a child's mother died can the absent father take the child in then start collecting the child's Social Security Death Benefits?

Death benefits, no - the child isn't dead yet. Survivor's benefits, yes - once the father established legal custody.

How long social security disability expire?

There has never been an obsolete answer to this continuously asked question. But if you're permanently disable, then your benefits will not end. If you're about to become fully retired, then you'll start to receive "Retirement Benefits" which doesn't change any of your income benefits. -Kanaan Yarahuan Source(s): - Google - Social Security paper work - My mother - My brother - 30 Minutes of research

Where can I find a social security benefits calculator online?

This website won't give you the exact number, but it will give you an estimated number. Go to, it will ask you a few questions to calculate your estimated monthly benefits.

If your mother receives Social Security survivor benefits for your care who will get the money if you become emancipated at age 16?

Social Security laws would determine the allocation of benefits. Some possible options are, the emancipated minor would receive the benefits directly, a payee representative would be appointed for the named person or benefit payments would no longer be applicable due to the minor having gained legal adult status.

Can the father use a copy of the kids social security to get welfare benefit if The mother already get assistance?

No. A father cannot use a copy of the kids social security to get welfare benefit if the mother already got the assistance.

What is wage earner mean in social security form?

The Wage Earner refers to the person who is working that is responsible (gives financial support) for the individual (also known as the beneficiary) who is applying to receive benefits from Social Security. With Child Disability claims this would be the mother or father that is employed. For retirement it would be yourself.

Why would a step mother need the step children's social security numbers when their father has died in Arizona?

She may need to supply that information to Social Security if she has applied for benefits for herself or for the children. The person who supplied the children's information should have asked the reason. See related links provided below.

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