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Is it legal for a teenage couple to move in together with one of their families?

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2007-01-23 03:01:55

Only if the one living with the other's family is 18 or possilbe

17. Even in one state, 19. Unless you was legally emancipated, than

it is fine. * No, it isn't legal in any state unless they are both

18, (in some states 19 or 21). If their parents do not object to

the situation then it is unlikely that authorities would become

involved. However, if the parents of the minor who is moving out of

his or her family home to live with the other family do object,

they have several legal options available to resolve the situation.

Any adult who allows a minor to reside in their home without

notifying and receiving permission from the minor's parents is

committing a criminal offense and can be held accountable.

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