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If the vehicle is not a repossession and is in fact a law enforcement impounded vehicle, in California the answer is, NO. The law in California says "we towing companies" must allow you to pick up your property, however, we are only going to give the property to the legal owner of the vehicle. Therefore, bring them with you, picture ID in hand. No they cannot charge you to get your personal belongings from your car.They can charge a fee if they actually do something like inventory and store your belongings.

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Q: Is it legal for a towing company to charge 50 dollars to get your personal belongings out of the car?
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Can a FL repossession company charge me to get my personal belongings back?

They don't charge you to get your personal belongings back... they charge you a "storage fee" for the time they stored your personal belongings. And yes, they can do that.

Can a recovery company charge for retrieving personal belongings in Florida?


My car was reposed and the person that has the car said you have to give them 25 dollars for your belongings can they do that?

Yes. They generally charge a DAILY fee for storage of personal belongings. (Florida)

Can you be charge for your personal belongings in the sate of Colorado after your car has been repossess?

They don't charge you for your personal belongings.. they charge you a storage fee. Yep, it's 100% legal.

If your car is repoed can they charge you to get back you personal belongings?


Can an auto repo company in NC charge you a fee to get your personal belongings out of an auto?

Yes because they are required to inventory and store it in a secure location.

Can the repossession company hold your personal belongings after a repossession in Wisconsin and charge you for the storage fee?

Yes, they can. Ultimately they have to PERFORM WORK to gather, label, secure, and keep safe your belongings. They can charge you for this because they were forced to perform work. The law allows them to be compensated for it.

Is it legal for an automobile repossession company keep your personal belongings in Arizona?

Repossession companies must give you the opportunity to recover your personal belongings. That being said, they need not do so at the time of repossession. If they store your property for any length of time, the may charge a storage fee. They are not required to hold your property indefinitely either. If you make no attempt to recover you belongings, the repossession company will dispose of it after 30-45 days.

Is a repossession company in Michigan responsible for returning belongings?

The repossession company is not responsible for returning belongings. The repossession company is responsible for notifying you where you can pick up your belongings and at what times. Some companies charge you a storage fee or only give you a few weeks to pick up your belongings before they become theirs.

Can the towing company charge you a fee to get your belongings out of the vehicle?

yes, depends on how long it sits in your car

Can you get your belongings out of your car after it has been repossessed?

Yes, you are entitled to get your belongings out of the vehicle, but you will need to check within your state's laws to see if a company can charge you for retrieving your items.

How do you claim your personal belongings from a car that has been repossessed and can the storage yard charge you for them?

* You have to contact the storage yard immediately. * If you have proof of ownership take it with you. (You might not need this.) * If you have proof that the car is registered in your name take that with you. * The storage yard should not charge you for holding your belongings if you have contacted them immediately. They might charge you some fee if they have to go to some trouble to get your belongings.

Can the repo man charge you for your personal belongings in the car while you are in chapter 11 bankruptcy?

general rule ,YES. Some states require them to and regulate how much they charge.

Is it legal in Florida for a repossession company to charge you 4500 dollars to recover the personal property from your vehicle?

They can charge a fee if they have processed your stuff ..that is bagged logged etc..If what you have posted is supposed to be $45.00 that is not unreasonable.....$450.00 that is.

How to get personal property out of a repossessed vehicle?

Either remove it before the repo man takes the car or go to the repo company and ask if they set it aside. Some repo companies put all the belongings in a bag and set it aside for the owner. can a repo company charge me for retrieving my personal property and property that belongs to someone else?

What are the state laws for vehicle repossession in Maryland?

AnswerI have recently learned that the Department of Finance regulates collection agencies as well as finance companies. I was emphatically told that in a vehicle repossession, the towing company/repo company cannot, repeat, cannot charge a separate storage fee for your personal belongings. They belong to you. If you are told that they can charge for the goods, the goods, under the credit law means the good that can be repossessed under the loan which is the vehicle or the home, not the personal belongings. Call your local Consumer Protection agency to get help. I know this is the law in Maryland for a fact. It took me 30 days, but I am going to pick up my personal belongings tomorrow and I do not have to pay a storage fee for them. Tammy//This is true but you are not getting charged for your personal property it is for their time to remove it and give it to you. J D Recovery LLC

Can a lender prevent you from retrieving your personal property after they repossess your car?

Not Legally, to do so would be called "CONVERSION". In some states, the repo company can charge you a FEE for inventory and stoarge of your PP, but they cannot keep it it you pay the fee. i am in Florida and they said it will cost 200.00 to get my personal belongings,is there a cap?

If your car is repossessed do you have the right to get your personal belongings out of the car?

From experience, yes, you do have the right to get your belongings out of the car. You must first contact the repossession company and find out where they are holding your car. Second, you must bring a photo ID and in most cases, money for a fee that they charge. Third, they will have you sign a paper that you obtained your belongings and send you on your way. You must do this before they auction your car off. If you don't, your things are gone forever!

In Texas can a repo company charge for you to get your personal belongings?

no they have to give you anything that is not part of the car, they have to give you notice they have things of yours for 30 days i think or 15 one of the 2 if you bought a stero then they get to keep it same goes for rims or anything that is bolted down

Can you get your belongings out of your vehicle after a repossession?

YES, you can. The lender or repo company CANT keep your PP. They may charge you a fee for inventory and storage but they cant keep it.

Can a repo company charge you a fee for your personal belongings in Ohio?

Yes, not only may they, they likely will. When personal property is found in a repossessed vehicle, provided it is not illegal substances or firearms, the repossessing company must take an inventory of all property. They are required to store it pursuant to the individual laws of every state, Ohio is no exception, and they may charge staroage fee for that property. It is unlikely that they will release it to you until that amount is paid, and they may not release to anyone but the registered owner of the vehicle.

Can the repo company charge you a fee to get your tag and personal items back in Florida?

In the state of Florida, we are required under Florida State Statute ch. 493 to do a full inventory of items located in the vehicle at the time of repossession. You are then notified by mail (to the last known address) of the charges and usually company policy regarding when you can pick up your belongings. We are allowed to charge for our agent's time to inventory the vehicle and storage of the property if we choose. It's up to each company to decide what the fees will be. The state of Florida states your tag is considered personal property and is redeemed at the same time as the rest of your personal property.

How long does car dealer have to hold personal property after repo in Texas and can they charge storage fees if so how much?

They must return personal belongings as long as you pick them up in a timely manner and since it has been repo'd they can't charge you anything for storage, its not your car anymore

What is the average charge for a loss draft inspection?

$20-$40 dollars, depending on the company

In East Virgina can a towing company keep your personal belongings?

If you car was towed for a good and legal reason, then the company has the right to charge you money for the recovery of the vehicle - costs of towing and storage fees, usually. What they do with your personal belongings is usually let someone pick them up. In some cases, they may feel that they have the right to hold them, as "security" for your payment to them. (In cases of a repossession, they should give the personal items back, as the finance company is paying their fee, and has no desire for your stuff.) In theory, if you disagree with that, you could sue. But usually the cost of suit would exceed the value of most personal property in a car, and frankly, the tow company could as easily throw your stuff out and claim ignorance. By all means, consult a local attorney. Always a good idea. But it might - in this case - be even better to just settle with the tow company, or plea in such a fashion that they take pity on you.