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yes it is as long as you are not sexually active with her you can kiss her Yes, if it's his sister! Seriously, why play with fire? It may be legal for him to KISS her, if she is willing. But doing anything more would be sexual assualt at the least, statutory rape at the most. Is it worth possible jail time?

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Q: Is it legal in New York for an 18-year-old guy to kiss a 15-year-old girl?
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Can a 16 year old teen girl live with a friends family in new york?

Yes, its legal. Bonye

If a 16-year-old girl wants to move out in the state of New York can she do it legally?

Not legally, the legal age of majority in the state of New York is eighteen.

Legal dating age for a girl in ny?

There are no laws about dating in New York. However, there are laws about sexual contact. The age of consent in New York is 17 years of age.

Is their a legal age for dating in New York?

In New York, I don't think that there is a proper age for dating. Just make sure that you know what your doing at all times, especially with a girl.

Can a 20 year old girl date a 34 year old man in new york state?

yes it's perfectly legal.

What is the legal age for girl in Missouri?

The legal age for a girl in Missouri is eighteen. Eighteen is also the legal age for a boy in the state of Missouri.

What would be the legal steps in order to have a 16 yr old girl move out of her parents home in Pennsylvania to her boyfriends house in New York?

Until you

Can a 17 year old girl move out of their parents house and live with a friend in new york?

No, the legal age is 18. unless you have parents permission.

Legal age for a girl to get pregnant?

18 years old is legal

When is it legal for girls to be nude in videos?

it is not legal for girls to be nude in videos, one the girl is a legal age of 18 she can be nude, she is no longer a girl but a consenting adult and recognized as such

Is it legal for a 15 year old girl to date a 17 year old guy in new york state?

As far as legal goes I am not sure but from my understanding it is either 3 or 4 years age difference or if the parent is okay with it.

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Yes The American Girl Boique is in New York City.

What is the legal minimum age to propose to your girl?

There is no age restriction to propose a girl. However, there is a set minimum legal age to marry.

Is it legal in NY for a 16 yr old girl to date a 21 yr old boy?

Dating is not restricted in any state. However, any sexual contact would be illegal as the legal age of consent is 17 in New York.

Can a 41 year old man date a 17 year old girl in New York?

Dating is legal as long as the minors parents agree to it. Sex is another issue.

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Is it legal for a 15 year old to go out guy with an 18 year old girl in Tennessee?

No it is not. It may be legal to "go out with" an 18 year old girl, but it is not legal for a 15 year old to have sex with her.

Is it legal for a eighteen year old girl and a seventeen year old boy to date in new york?

I think so it's not that fat apart in age so it should be alright

Can 18 year old girl marry 30 years old man in New york state?

yes because you are over the legal age of getting married without consent

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If a girl is 17 in Missouri is it legal for her to be with a 27 year old?

Yes its legal. But not if you try to have sex

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