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yes yes sorry i mean no

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Freeway speed limit is 65 mph cars are driving 70 mph what mph is it legal to drive?

It would be 65 MPH.

Is it legal to walk on the freeway?

you are dumb

Is it legal to cross a solid white line in California?

Only when entering or leaving a private driveway. This can be a residence or business driveway.

How many cc's for a motorcycle to be legal on the freeway in ca?


You can enter or exit the carpool lane when?

You can enter or exit the carpool lane when the white line is dotted or solid. However, although legal, it is discourage when you cross the solid white line. In fact, in some places there is a gap between the carpool lane and the freeway when there is a solid white line to prevent you from entering or exiting. Even more so, sometimes the solid white line is neighbored or replaced by a double yellow line, which you cannot cross.

Is it legal to cross a church parking lot to get to a home?

It is OK if walking, but not if driving in most states. No shortcuts as you could injure someone.

Does any sheriff traveling on a freeway have the authority to write out a traffic violation such as neglect driving tickets?

If the Deputy is operating within their jurisdiction they have the legal authority to enforce the law ANYWHERE they happen to see a violation.

How many cc's for a motorcycle to be legal on the freeway?

In Florida, a motorcycle must be at least 5 bhp to go on the freeway. The cops usually translate that to 150cc or better

What is the legal driving age in UK?

The legal driving age in the UK is 17.

What is the legal size motorcycle allowed on California freeway?"

Traffic Violation you got a ticket for entering the merge lane just to pass up the cars that were in traffic so you can cut the other cars off and remerge onto the freeway Was this legal?

No, because it is illegal to pass someone that is in the left lane or to the left of you.

What is the legal driving age in ga?

The legal driving age is 16 . but i would recommend driving when 17 0r 18

Can i drive a mini chopper on the freeway?

A mini chopper can be driven on the freeway as long as it is considered legal. The mini chopper will need to have a title, license plate and need to be inspected by the DMV.

If you miss your exit on the freeway is it legal to stop and back up?

It is illegal and extremely dangerous.

If a tract of land borders a freeway does that mean the property has legal access?

Since freeways are usually roads with limited access, land bordering a freeway does not necessarilly have access rights to that roadway.

What is the legal driving age in Montana?

The legal driving age for montana is 14.5/15 years old

Is it legal to ride in the bed of a truck legal in Boise Idaho?

yes it is I have asked 3 officers and they all said that it is you can even ride in the back on the freeway

IS Receiving text messages is this legal while driving?

it is legal in some states it is illegal to text while driving

Where can I find statistics for legal immigrants entering the U.S.?


Is legal to not wear a shirt when entering a retail store?

It is legal but its not nice if you smell of sweat or bumping into people.

What is the legal driving age in most US states?

Legal driving age in most states is 16 years old.

Who is banned from entering the United States?

Anyone who is not a U.S. citizen and does not have legal permission to enter is banned from entering the United States.

Driving age in Portugal?

The legal driving age in Portugal is 18yrs.

What is the driving age for liechtenstein?

The legal age for driving in Liechtenstein is 18.

Are car under body lights legal in Oklahoma?

its legal if you are not driving.