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Yes it is legal. You can sell the car in any state. The taxes will be paid in the state that the buyer registers the car in.

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Not enough information is given. WHAT document? Supposed to be registered WHERE? Registered by WHO? What is the documents alleged legal significance?

Be Nice About This. Try To Reach Him Or His Family Or Friends. After All It Is His Car. Do Your Absolute Best To Locate The Buyer. You can See Your County Attorney For The Legal Ramifications Of This

it's legal process of transfer the property to one person to another Eg( buyer to seller)

It is absolutely illegal. All you need to verify this is an Internet search using the string "real estate straw buyer", then start reading.

As long as it is where the registered owner of the vehicle legally resides it is legal.

Who is the legal owner or owners of a car if it is registered in one name but paid for jointly by 2 parties

yes as long as there is a buyer.

both buyer and co buyer --- Typically, in disputes like this, possession is factored into the legal decision. It is likely whoever has possession at the time of court findings will prevail.

Manufacturer's GVW is 31,000 lbs.... legal GVW depends on what it's registered as... if it's registered as a 26k truck, then that's the legal GVW. If it's registered as a 33k truck, then that'll be the legal GVW, and a CDL is required.

Private car sales are legal, however the buyer is not protected by the same consumer rights as they would when buying from a commercial trader. Depending on the rules of your local authority, you may be restricted to the quantity of vehicles you can sell privately.

The one that registered the website. If you build a website for a company, but the company registered the website, they have legal ownership. You might want to read Terms and Conditions of website to know who has the legal ownership and control.

Yes. Must be registered with the Federal BATF, but state legal.

Once you buy a car it is yours and you cannot return it. This hold good only if no issues and registration goes without any issue. for some reason if Vehicle is not registered and sold to other then the buyer can return the vehicle or even take legal action for selling a unregistered vehicle without informing to buyer.

Same thing that happens to the buyer. Lender persues their legal options to collect the balance due.

In the EU, cars must display stickers that indicate the country it is registered in if they are to be driven in another country. For example, a car registered in Britain must display a 'GB' sticker if it is to be driven in France.

No, unless it is a street legal registered dirt bike.

Anyone of legal voting age - who is (a) registered to vote, and (b) not in legal custody.

yes...corporate Infocom is a legal is registered by the company act..

As long as you have the legal documentation to prove you are married your marriage shoud be held valid in any other country. (there are some exceptions; for example in some countries polygamy is legal, but not in others)

No they have to be lisenced and tabbed to be legal if you can do that your good but I doubt you could get it registered

YOu need a lawyer for a legal, correct and current answer.

If they have been registered with the BATF, yes.

If its titled, registered, and inspected

The drinking age on an airplane is determined by the country to which the aircraft is registered. Even though you may be legal, the airline may refuse to sell to passengers under a certain age. If the aircraft is registered to Canada for example, the legal drinking age is 19, if the aircraft is registered to the united states, the legal drinking age is 21.

Yes, it is legal, but make sure you tell any prospective buyer that there is a recall on the car.

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