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Yes, In the State of Ohio

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Q: Is it legal to reposess a car from a workplace?
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How do you reposess a commercial vehicle?

It's more the same as repossessing a car.

What happens when a car is to be repossessed and the bank doesn't repossess it?

Nothing. Just because a bank is legally entited to reposess a car doesn't mean they have to do so immediately. They can choose to wait and see, and reposess it later if you're still delinquent on the loan.

How many months can the bank reposession your car in New York?

If you miss one payment you get a warning, after the 2nd, they can reposess the car.

How can you reposess your car?

Take the keys from your self and jump in it and drive away from yourself really fast

What process do you use to repo a car from your sister?

if i moved to another state say Georgia or am going there can the bank find my car to reposess it>?

Is it legal for your employer to make you wear high heels in the workplace?

It really depends on your workplace.

Are drug tests legal in the workplace?


Can a lock legally be cut off of a car trailer to be repossed?

Yes as long as the person doing the reposessing has the authority to reposess.

Why need for legislation at workplace?

It is the laying down of legal rules, needed for safety in the workplace etc.

Is it legal to have no water in the workplace?

No usually, but it can depend on the workplace. Being able to get water a reasonably short distance from the workplace is sometimes acceptable in activity such as farming.

You co-signed for a car for your ex and agreed that the car is mine as long as the payments are on time so do you have any rights to the car as a co-signer and is she legally able to repossess the car?

no she has np legal right to reposess the car u r both on the tiltle and registration and even if she wanted ure name off the vehicle she would have to apply for a lon just in her name in order to get ures off

If you are up to date with with the bank and you file for bankrupe can the bank take your car?

they should have the right to reposess anything you own in order to balance their loss.

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