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Is it mental abuse to suspect a spouse who constantly lies and cheats?


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*Unless you have some hard facts the spouse is cheating and lying about it then yes, it can be mental abuse if you are always bringing the matter up and it's affecting your relationship. The only way you will know for sure is to follow your spouse (that's how I caught my first husband cheating) or hire a detective. If you aren't willing to do either then you are going to have to live with it and not keep accusing your spouse of cheating. There are so many relationships that have been destroyed by jealousy or second-guessing. Some men/women have a problem of trust when it comes to their mate even though their mate is not cheating.

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Only a mental health professional and the courts can commit a person to a mental health institution. If you feel that your spouse needs to be committed the best thing to do is to make them an appointment with a mental health professional.

When your spouse cheats on you.

Your spouse teasing you or not talking is common. They are feeling left out as you are cheating on someone else.

Yes, she can. Having a mental illness is not a "get out of divorce free" card.

Yes you can divorce your spouse if he or she has mental heath problems and you can very well prove it with the help of a doctors certificate , or the doctor himself gives his statement with proof.

If you must ask this question then you already know. If you think they are and you suspect then they are

Adultery is what happens when a married person cheats on their spouse. This can be used as a grounds for divorce.

Not necessarily. An affair doesn't always cause the spouse to be mean like that. A marraige that is falling apart would cause that. When a spouse is cheating, the last thing they want to do is be mean and suspicious. They want to act normal and even nice so the other doesn't suspect anything. For your marraige: time for counceling. If you want to save this marraige, make an appointment and go (if your spouse wont go, then go alone to see what you can do to save the marraige).

yes that is mental cruelty because he has no reason to file for a divorce with no proof what so ever

Your first resource in learning how to file for guardianship of another family member would be your family doctor, or the mental patient's psychologist.

Vows were taken in a marriage to love and honor and the couple are expected to stay together for the rest of their lives. When a spouse cheats they break this bond of trust and it is extremely difficult to gain back if the spouse being cheated on doesn't ask for a divorce first. Cheating is sleazy; selfish and hurts not only the husband or wife; but any children they have and perhaps members of both sides of the family. When a spouse cheats they are not only cheating, but they are lying to their spouse.

If the spouse does not constantly cheat and made one mistake by having an affair then talking it out in a calm manner and facing how you both can improve upon the marriage may save the marriage or, you both could go to marriage counseling to learn tools to deal with every day life's stresses. If the spouse is constantly cheating; may be on drugs or abuses alcohol or is constantly verbally or physically harmful to their spouse it is best to move on. There is a good rate of successful marriages if one spouse has only had one affair if the couple decide to make it work. 'To err is human.'

If your spouse refuses to get Mental health treatment you need to leave and seek a counselor yourself to deal with your emotional issue incurred from the abuse. as hard as it is and as much as we think it will kill won't...but our spouse might...

Get out of the relationship. If he/she is cheating on their spouse, they are a cheater. Why would you want to be in a relationship with a cheater? If he/she cheats on their spouse, they will most likely cheat on you too. Plus, it's breaking one of the 10 Comandments.

If this was the first time the spouse cheated and they are remorseful and want to stay in the marriage then yes, it is worth trying to save the marriage by seeing a marriage counselor who is not there to blame either spouse, but to give them the tools to strengthen their marriage. If the spouse continually cheats then it is best to get a divorce.

Cheating is cheating, and I think a spouse is hurt whether the cheating is with a man or a woman.

I live in California and I never heard some cases about a spouse suing the spouse because of affair or cheating. The only way a spouse might get in trouble is when and if his having an affair and not supporting his children under age. But for a wife getting in trouble because of her cheating, it will be hard.

Silent treatment Yell Pout Roll eyes Slam doors Glare "I'm angry at you."

Yes. It depends on many factors. What is the other spouse like? Are they married? Is the other spouse in trouble with the law? Which is the mother? There are many factors.

take care of yourself mental physical emotional respect him or her and remember you define yourself and they love you because of who you r not what you are

mental cruelty can be done in various ways to ignoring ones children or spouse. it can be belittling either child or spouse in front of others. negative comments like your stupid etc. mental cruelty is basically anything verbally or physically demeaning. such as you are worthless, you are stupid, you'll never amount to anything. manipulation can be mentally cruel puting fear in an individual. even negative reinforcement to certain degrees can be very cruel.

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