Is it more difficult to get pregnant again after having a miscarriage?

no..just stay healthy, do not smoke because it robs ur body of the necessary nutrients and makes you less fertile...keep's some tips on how to get pregnant ... find out ur ovulation day (if you have a 28 day cycle like most women, you will ovulate on day 14. you cycle starts on day 1, when you get your period and ends on day 28, the day before you get your next period.) ...have sex everyday from days 9 of your cycle to day 16...your most fertile (sperm can stay in a womans body for up to six days, depending on how healthy you are) so have sex everyday including the day of your ovulation, the day your mature egg is released where it can be fertilized. a miscarriage is not your fault, just make sure you keep healthy, drink lots of water and take pre-natal vitmans (get plenty of folic acid in your diet) try, try again... good luck sweetie~ :p