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It depends on what you plan to do with it.

If you're in the South Western states where Spanish is spoken heavily, that's the language most likely to be relevant to your life. (The Spanish taught in high schools is the kind spoken in Spain, not the kind spoken in the new world, but there is enough overlap to make studying it useful.)

French has a certain social cachet that Spanish lacks. (I'm not saying that this is fair, just that that's how it is.) So if you want to be able to order at snooty restaurants without embarrassing yourself, go with French. Also just something to add, that French is the only language that is spoken as a first language on all five continents (minus Antartica)

If you want to see the world after high school, then studying the right language can make things easier for you. French will help you out in most of Europe and Africa. Spanish will be handy in South America and - of course - Spain.

Oh and if you're just after a good grade, then Spanish is supposed to be easier to learn than French is - at least for English speakers.


I personally think learning French is more valuable because every one takes Spanish so when you're looking for a job, you could be one of the few that know French.

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Q: Is it more valuable to take French or Spanish in high school?
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