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No, it is not necessary, what is necessary is to talk about general details as why and how long was the affair. If you still want to stay, you will both need to work on trust issues and what to do now without looking backward. Good Luck

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Q: Is it necessary to ask your husband for all the details of his emotional affair?
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Should your husband tell his coworker that their emotional affair is over?

If it is yes most definately.

How the unhappy married woman stop emotional affair at workplace?

First, if you are unhappily married you should most definitely talk about it with your husband. See if there is something he can do differently to increase your happiness. Otherwise, move to Egypt. To stop your emotional affair (if you decide to leave your husband you dont have to) turn the person against you by avoiding them, so they constantly diss you so you no longer have your emotional affair.

What is the Impact of an Emotional Affair on Children?

define emotional affair

What do you say to the person your husband is having an emotional affair with?

Take what you said to your husband (because, you know, he's not without blame for this, either), and modify it as you see fit.

My husband is calling a previous mistress and in am emotional relationship with her Will it become another affair in time?

yes the same hapend to me and fast

Should a wife be informed the details of an affair her husband had with her friend or just let it go even though the husband lied about the affair to his wife?

Just let it go unless you want to lose the wife's friendship also.

How can I explain my affair to my husband and that there was no intimacy?

You will have to think very clearly about telling your husband about having an emotional affair. Most men do not believe a woman can have an emotional affair and not have a sexual relationship. There is a high possibility that your husband may not believe that when you had an affair there was no sex involved although this is highly possible, but not in his mind. What you can do is learn good communication skills and you must have had your reasons (that clouded your judgment) to have an affair and you need to deal with these problems. Take time to think why you felt the need to have an emotional affair in the first place and then sit down with your husband and express why you are unhappy in the marriage and perhaps seek Marriage Counseling or the two of you could make a better effort with each other to make your marriage a more solid one. Once you have broken that bond of trust with your spouse it is difficult to gain their trust back.

What is the final stage of an affair my husband's?

if you leave his cheating butt, he is no longer having an affair, he's getting laid should be healing your emotional wounds and standing on your feet NOT your knees

Can you face and overcome the emotional roadblock of your husband affair so you can heal?

u can over come anything if u put your mind to it :)

How do you use the word sensationalized in a sentence?

The media sensationalized the account of the starlett's affair, printing full details of her breakup with her husband.

What are signs that you are having an emotional affair?

An "emotional affair" is an affair, which excludes physical intimacy but includes emotional intimacy. It may also be called an affair of the heart. Where one partner is in a committed monogamous relationship, an emotional affair is a type of chaste nonmonogamy without consummation. When the affair breaches an agreement in the monogamous relationship of one of the partners to the affair, the term infidelity may be more apt source: wikipedia

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An Emotional Affair - 2013 was released on: USA: 4 November 2013