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Bottled water under normal conditions should not require refrigeration after it has been opened. But there is the possibility of it becoming contaminated after opening and support growth of microorganisms, since there is nothing added to the water (like chlorine) to prevent such growth.

Perhaps you can find more specific information here:

If you drink from the bottle, yes. our mouth has bacteria in in that can contaminate the bottle. If you pour it into another container, then no.

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Is it necessary to refrigerate Grandma's Molasses after opening jar?

Most likely,yeah.

Do you need to refrigerate oyster sauce?

Yes it will have mold on it if you don't refrigerate after opening.

Do you refrigerate peanut butter and jelly after opening it?

you don't need to refrigerate peanut butter but its recommended to refrigerate jelly.

Do I have to refrigerate prune juice after opening?


Should you refrigerate Oreo cookie package after opening?


Do you need to refrigerate marinated mushrooms?

After opening, yes.

How can you slow down the growth of mold?

refrigerate after opening

What actors and actresses appeared in Refrigerate After Opening - 2010?

The cast of Refrigerate After Opening - 2010 includes: Jennifer Bonior as Girl in Freezer Jes Mercer as Lucy

Do you need to refrigerate preserves after opening?

No, you do not need to refrigerate preserves after opening, but some brands recommend it. However, the high amounts of sugar act as preservatives to help the food last.

Do you have to refrigerate cream cheese after opening?

Yes. It really should have been refrigerated before opening, too.

Do you have to refrigerate extracts after opening?

No you do not need to refrigerate extracts after opening. Such as Vanilla or Almond extract. They are perfectly fine to be stored in the cupboard and often mix better when the other ingredients are more room temperature as well.

Why does a bottle of rice vinegar say refrigerate after opening?

Because it needs to be refridgerated

Does ketchup need refrigeration?

I refrigerate mine. I notice that ketchup is now labeled to refrigerate after opening. I didn't used to and neither did my mother. But it keeps better if you do.

Do you have to refrigerate ketchup?

Asking different restaurants if they refrigerate ketchup and mustard there is a difference of opinion on that. However, all through the years I never refrigerated ketchup and it never said you had to on the bottles. Now they say refrigerate after opening. I don't get it.

Does bottled wine need to be refrigerated after opening?

Doing so helps preserve it longer.

Does A 1 sauce need refrigeration?

Read the label on the bottle. If it doesn't say refrigerate after opening, the answer would be no.

Why is it important to refrigerate food after opening it?

because it will keep your food fresh and good for you to eat later onby yungbludstyll

Do you have to refrigerate cranberry juice after opening?

yessir my blood. check da label sun. im black.

Should you refrigerate champagne?

Yes. Champagne tends to taste much better if it has been chilled prior to opening.

Does Oyster sauce need to be refrigerated?

Yes you will need to refrigerate after opening, but it doesn't need to be refrigerated if still sealed.

Can half and half cream left out of refrigerator cause stomach aches?

probaly because if it says refrigerate after opening.

How to avoid soup spoilage?

put it in the fridge it last up to 3 days Keep it in the freezer. Whenever you put soup away, boil it and put it in containers or jars. Refrigerate it while it's still hot. When you remove soup from a container, boil up the remainder. Store soup in small containers as opening them invites bacteria. Vegetable soups last longer than soups made with chicken or beef broth.

Does apple butter in a jar have to be refrigerated after it has been opened?

Refrigerate after opening is on the label of Spiced Apple Butter purchased from Walmart.

Do you need to refrigerate jack Daniels after opening?

said room temperature is enough but if you going to drink tomorrow no problem refrigerating

Do pickled jalapenos need refrigerating?

No. As long as you used vinegar in the brine, the vinegar preserve it. After opening though, you must refrigerate.