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yes it is fine yes

Of course. Some bettas just like to laze around.

If you'd like your betta to be more active, show him a mirror once a day for no more than 5 minutes, any longer than that and you may stress your fish.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-26 21:16:55
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Q: Is it normal for a Betta fish to sit still at the top of the bowl?
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I have a betta fish and he lives in a 2 gallon fish bowl. I clean it every week but he twitches a lot what should I do?

That's perfectly normal for a betta.

Do betta fish need fish tanks or fish bowls?

Betta fish can be kept in either a tank or a bowl.

Does a betta fish need oxygen in a fish bowl?


How much room does a betta fish need?

A small fish bowl should be fine for one betta fish.

What type of fish does not dirty the fish bowl fast?

If you want a fish bowl fish I recommend a betta fish but, none do.

What does it mean when the betta fish is staying still on the top of the bowl and not eating or swimming?

Its obliviously dead.

How do you stop betta fish from mating?

the betta fish is a very beautiful fish but maybe put them in a seperate bowl for awhile.

Is it normal for my Betta Fish to lay on the rocks in her bowl a lot?

No that means your fish is depressed or feeling sick search betta sicknesses to see if she matches the symptoms. Remember your betta must come up for air, if she doesn't that could be trouble

What kind of fish can you keep in a porcelin fish bowl?


How big is a betta fish bowl image?

a betta bowl is about 12-15 inches in length and about the same in height

What are good starter tank kits for betta fish?

betta bowl. it is amazing

How long Can betta fish live in fish bowls?

A normal life span for a Betta splendens is around 5 years. A Betta in a bowl will last about half that time if you are lucky. The basic rule for keeping fish successfully is 1 inch of fish needs 1 gallon of water. Although it is common practice to do so with Bettas. No fish will appreciate or enjoy being kept in a tiny container like a fish bowl.

When does a Betta fish decide to eat?

If the fish is still getting used to it's surroundings, it might not eat. This is normal. Usually if betta fish are comfortable, they will eat as soon as they smell or see the food.

What can be in a 1 gallon fish bowl?

A betta fish is the only fish that can stay in a bowl :) hope I helped :)

Why are there bubbles in THE betta fish bowl?

Your betta is building a bubble nest and is ready to mate.

Can you breed betta fish in a goldfish bowl?

No and do not even attempt to breed Betta fish unless you know exactly what you are doing.

What fish can you keep in a fish bowl?

The best candidates are Betta fish and Paradise Gouramis

What fish can live with a betta in a one gallon bowl?

None. The 1 gallon bowl is already too small for the betta by itself.

Can you put your finger into a betta fish bowl?


What does it mean when a betta fish lays down at the bottom of the fish bowl on its side?

It most likely means that he/she is sick because that is what happened to my betta fish. make sure you don't overfeed your betta fish because it can lead to constipation and that will cause trouble for the betta fish

Can a Betta fish live in a filtered tank?

get the Betta Bowl i think that's what it was called. it has a filter with it. my Betta is perfectly fine

Can 2 betta fish go in the same fish bowl?

No, you cannot put two Betta fish in the same bowl. They are dangerous to one another, and will attack each other and eventually will kill each other

Why did my betta fish jump out of his bowl?

Betta's are prone to jumping out of the bowl when it is filled right to the top. You betta probably jumped because it was trying to explore its surroundings, and didntr realize that outside of its bowl was not a safe area for a fish. Preventing bettas from jumping out is as simple as leaving 2-3" of the bowl unfilled in the future.

How do you prevent betta fish from jumping out of the water from their bowl?


Do Betta fish outgrow their bowls?

it depends on how small the bowl is betta fish usually dont grow larger then 3 or 4 inches

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