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It's a good thing that your baby kicks, it will always tell you that he or she's doing fine! It might be painful and uncomfortable but the baby is fine, he/she is just active, so be prepared for when he/she turns 2!

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Q: Is it normal for a baby to be kicking all the time?
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Are your ribs supposed to hurt if you are pregnant?

If the baby is kicking them all the time. In the eighth or nineth month. Before that I don't think it would be normal.

Is it normal to feel your baby move under your belly button?

Yes it is normal to feel your baby move under your belly button I'm pregnant with my third child and you feel the baby move any where it feels like kicking or turning. The only time you need to worry is if your baby inst moving at all.

Is it normal to feel very strong rapid fetal kicking at 19 weeks?

i am 19 weeks and 4 days along and i have felt strong rapid kicking for about 2 weeks now. at 16 weeks it was very gentle and the kicks were far apart but now its all the time and strong. i just think its a sign of a very active baby!

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Is it normal to be 18wks pregnant with your third child and have no fetal movement at all?

Absolutly, I felt my 3rd baby kick once at 17 weeks and then nothing till 22 weeks, exactly when I felt my other two start kicking.

You are six months pregnant and your baby is constantly kicking is that normal?

I'm 7 months pregnant and as far as my doctor tells me, constant or almost constant movement is normal. We're up and moving around all day, why shouldn't the baby? You should see it start to decrease as your pregnancy progresses because the baby will be running out of room to move around, but even now (at 30 weeks) my baby is constantly kicking. Each fetus is different; some may move more than others and more activity in the womb may lead to a more active child once he/she is born.

I had a baby 4 months and the discharge is getting heavier i have to wear a tampn all the time is that normal?

You aren't meant to wear a tampon

Is there a baby inside you all the time even when your a baby?


Is the baby okay if hes not kicking at 28 weeks?

It doesn't sound too good. If you haven't felt any kicks at all yet in the entire pregnancy OR if the baby WAS kicking before but isn't anymore (if he hasn't in 1 or 2 days), you need to go to a doctor straight away!

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