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No. It is not normal at all. Go to a mechanic and get their opinion. Engine knocks usually signify severe damage, and driving with it will cause even more damage. Always check your oil as well. Make sure it is clean and topped off. knocking can also sometimes mean you have the wrong octane but most of the time it means your tie rods or connecting rods are worn

A knock at idle however can only be bearings, it would be beneficial to get things looked at right away,

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Q: Is it normal for a car to make a knocking sound from the engine when idling?
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When climbing hill engine makes knocking sound 1nzfe engines?

owners manual say it could be normal,but carbon on pistons from my experience also cause knocking,when I remove carbon knocking stops,I have corolla with 1nze engine.

What does a purr sound like?

an idling diesel engine or snoring :]

When pushing on gas pedal you hear knocking sound in engine?


When the engine of a Chevrolet Camaro Z28e from 1986 is running on idle there is a knocking sound in the engine bay when the car exelerate it goes away and the engine sounds normal what could it be?

Lifters or valves.

Does the engine knock with a bad knock sensor?

NO it will not. If you have a knocking sound then you have trouble inside of the engine.

What is car engine knocking?

When the fuel in an engine cylinder ignites prematurely or unevenly to cause power fluctuations and a "knocking" sound. usually occurs when an engine is very how or improperly timed.

Why would a 95 Chevy cavalier with a 2.4 engine make a knocking sound?

Engine rod? Engine bearing?

Why is my 2003 cavalier engine knocking?

Engine knocking can be caused by numerous things. Having the incorrect spark plugs, carbon deposits on the cylinder walls, and being low on engine oil may all cause a knocking sound.

What you do when knocking sound in a car is due to engine control module complaint?

Get it fixed.

What is the cause of a loud knocking sound in engine compartment?

Bad bearing or rod

What causes Polaris Scrambler 400 engine knocking sound?

counterbalancer is bad

What causes a knocking sound in engine?

Mine did the same, mine was a motor mount.

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