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Is it normal for kittens to sneeze a lot?


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Maybe he has a cold...............

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Kittens sneeze if they have a cold or something is tickling their nose.hope i helped

Why do you sneeze? , although if your kitten sneezes constantly then i would recommend you to go to your vet.

its very normal. many things that can cause a human to sneeze can also cause a dog to sneeze. my dog sneezes all the time and he is a healthy 12 year old with a lot of spunk in him. I wouldn't worry.

About 17,000,000 brain cells die every time you sneeze. Does not sound like a lot but you sneeze a lot throughout your lifetime.

If it doesn't sneeze too much, it's normal. If he/she sneezes a whole lot (as indicated in the question) he/she probably is sick with a respiratory issue or something else. Some breeds will sneeze more than others, while others hardly sneeze at all.

it is perfectly normal. usually what happens is that she leaves the kittens alone so she can provide them whatever they need.

i think what you mean is reverse sneezing, it is normal its reverse of how how we sneeze when we sneeze we let hair out, they do the reverse

Yes it is normal. Kittens teethe just like children or dogs. A new set will start to grow in.

Yes, they can get things stuck up their nose and they sneeze to get it out. Hearing them sneeze every once in a while is normal. If the cockatiel sneezes constantly, time to see a vet.

Your nose may be dry. This is not normal. Buy a humidifier and seek doctor.

There are several factors that may cause a horse to sneeze a lot. Some of these factors may include but are not limited to food allergies, dust, and pollen.

No. Newborn kittens cannot move around very well.

its normal if her rectumns extremely wide. just dont make her sneeze.

sometimes they will or they wont its not really sure

To start off, the irritation that causes a sneeze is in your nose, not your throat or lungs like a cough. During a sneeze, a lot of the air is driven out of your nose to clear it, unlike a cough.

If they're really strong mints I guess it is normal. If I eat really strong flavored mints or something my eyes water which makes me sneeze sometimes ;)

as much as the normal cat has.

it could be true but it might not be normal

No, it would not cause that. It is in your vagina, not nose. Therefore, it would not affect whether you sneeze or not.

You let them sneeze. They don't require anything if they sneeze rarely. If they sneeze a lot, then change their environment. Also, be sure you are using the right bedding. The wrong bedding can lead to respiratory failure.

Cats usually give birth to a litter of 2 - 6 kittens. More of less are possible, but unlikely.

I don't think so because my cat had two liters of kittens and none of them twitched.

Yes, the kittens should be normal. However, if the cancer was genetic in nature, it is always possible that later in the life, the kittens will be afflicted with it.

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