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Q: Is it normal for the pregnant cat to have an orange discharge?
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Can an Orange cat get pregnant?

Most Orange cats are male - but not all, so if you have a female orange cat that has not been fixed then yes, she can definitely get pregnant.

What does an orange tabby cat eat?

They can eat normal cat food like any other color of cat.

Is it normal for your pregnant cat to roll on her back for you to feel her belly?

yes, it is quite normal for cats to do that, just rub her tummy very gently, cats just love that even when they are not pregnant

If you have a cat that is orange that has gold eyeswhat kind of cat is it?

orange cat with gold eyes, how rare is this?

Will you get a n orange kitten if you breed a tabby cat and a orange cat?

orange is sex linked dominate, a female orange cat will almost always have a few orange kittens, and a male orange cat can have orange daughters --- If the orange one is the mother, all the male kittens will be orange. If the orange is the father, you wont get any ginger kittens but you will get tortoiseshell female kittens.

What is an orange pippin?

An orange pippin is a cat that is orange.

How does a cat behave at 8 weeks pregnant?

They act normal, except they sleep a lot more than usual. My old cat had 5 litters of kittens, and everytime I walked outside while she was pregnant, she was always sleeping.

Why does a white cat turn orange?

"Because you died it or it is a diffrent cat."no its my cat and it was born white and now has rust orange ears, slightly orange colored legs and face and an orange tail

What is a white bellied cat whose other parts are orange?

An orange and white cat.

What is an all orange cat called?

Orange Tabby

When the cat is pregnant do they pere?

Yes, I've have had a cat that purred while she was pregnant.

A cat has orange furWhat is true of the cat?

it is a Red or Ginger cat.