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no your cervix should be higher in the vagina ad closed and hard it will not thin out or soften or open until labor and birth are ready to occur

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Q: Is it normal for your cervix to be low and soft at 12 to 13 weeks pregnant?
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How does your cervix feel at 3 weeks pregnant?

soft, tender and irritable

What if your cervix is soft?

This generally happens when you are pregnant. The cervix starts to soften often weeks before the birthing process occurs.

What does a soft cervix mean?

In non-pregnant women, the cervix is soft around the time of ovulation. In pregnant women, the cervix becomes soft in preparation for labor.

What does it mean to have a soft cervix at 21 weeks?

A slight softening of the cervix can be normal, but a really soft cervix could be worrisome. It may mean that you have an incompetent cervix (one that will not support the weight of a growing baby), that your cervix is ripening early, or something else. DEFINITELY ask your doctor about it, and if you are not satisfied with the answer, get a second opinion.

If your cervix is high soft and closed could you be pregnant?

if that is your case then you are pregnant

How does your cervix feel if you are pregnant?

They say it's "butter soft" when you are pregnant...

Is it normal have a soft lump at the end of your cervix that feels like it has a small hole in it?

Its your cervix that's completely normal.

What should your cervix feel like at 4 weeks pregnant?

Cervix becomes soft at 4 weeks pregnancy. Not only cervix but uterus also becomes soft. Gynecologist is very careful while doing termination of pregnancy. ( Suction and evacuation.) Otherwise perforation of uterus occurs. Non-pregnant uterus is a tough structure and duringD and C, (Dilatation and curettage.) uterus does not get perforated, unless you want to perforate it.

Could you be pregnant if your cervix is soft and high but you are bleeding?


Your cervix get soft when your period is coming However your period has not come and your cervix is still soft Could you be pregnant?

If you are pregnant your cervix will swell and get firmer to the touch. This is due to the entrance being sealed so it now starts collecting fluids inside.

Is a soft high cervix normal in early pregnancy?

Your cervix can change daily when pregnant or not. It can even change height and position if you are constipated or just relieved yourself. If concerned while pregnant speak with your doc, other than that you can learn your cervical pattern but charting and checking daily at the same time and same position. A cervical check can not tell if your pregnant by touch alone.AnswerHi, I am not an expert, but i have been pregnant four times and given birth to five healthy baby boys!! So I would say I have some experience. A soft high cervix usually means that you are going to, are, or just have ovulated. After ovulation your cervix goes back to harder and lower.(easily felt) In early pregnancy, your cervix should be low and harder just as it was before ovulation.AnswerWrong. I am pregnant NOW, and my cervix is low and SOFT.) Answeryou can be further in pregnancy with my 2 my cervix was high hard and closed also felt like it was not attached to the wallAnswerI am 5 weeks, 3 days pg and my cervix is high, soft and closed, but it can be different for everyone. When I was 4 weeks and first found out, I noticed it was low (but not as low as during AF), medium and closed.

What does it mean if i have already had a baby and my cervix is now high up and soft and open after two weeks after my period?

You are ovulating. If you want to get pregnant, have sex now. If you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex now until your cervix is low and closed or use protection.

What position should the cervix be in early pregnancy?

my cervix is high soft and closed and I'm 5 weeks preg.

37 weeks my cervix is softening and have had strong braxton hicks Will labor come soon?

My cervix is soft...when will labor start?

How can you tell if your cervix is opened or closed and should it be hard or soft when you are pregnant and how hard or soft should it be?

Your cervix should be closed and I don't recommend poking around to find out. It is said that a never pregnant cervix feels like the tip of your nose, and after being pregnant it feels like pursed lips. It will feel the same pregnant as non-pregnant so if it is your first baby it will feel like the tip of your nose. If you have a speculum and have a look at your pregnant cervix it will look more blue than when you are not pregnant due to the increased blood supply. The above is not true: your cervix is different depending on what part of your cycle you are on. When you are getting ready to ovulate it should be soft, high,open,wet.(SHOW) your cervical mucus changes throughout this process as well. Your cervix will not feel the same pregnant/not pregnant. If you are pregnant it will usually be high and soft and closed. When your period is almost due your cervix will drop down and become firm. If you decide to check your cervix make sure your hands are clean!!!

Cervix soft and low at 5 weeks pregnant is this a miscarraige?

Not necessarily. If you are worried go to the doctor. Your cervix gets soft to prepare for the baby. If you are carrying unusually low go to the doctor and have a physical. That's were should be instead of this website. Only your docotor can really tell you what's going on.

You are pregnant-5 weeks your cervix is still open?

You can't see your cervix. I'm not sure why you would think it's open. Have you put your finger in your vagina to feel it? If you do that, it should feel soft like your lips if you're pregnant. If you aren't pregnant it should feel hard like the tip of your nose.

Early pregnancy what should the cervix be like?

for most women high and soft but some women already have a low lying cervix prior to falling pregnant. So High or Low & Soft.

Could i be pregnant Soft high cervix?

For me it was during each pregnancy, BUT every woman is different.

Should your uterus be soft at 7 weeks pregnant?


Is your cervix soft when you become pregnant?

I am 5 months and mine is really soft and mushy and REALLY high. So I guess the answer is probably yes.

Is soft poops normal for pregnant woman?


You are 33 weeks pregnant and 75 percent effaced ad 1 cm dilated very soft cervix how long approx will labor start?

your dilation can take as long as 2weeks or 2days depends on how active you are.

What does it mean if you are 37 weeks pregnant and your midwife syas your cervix is soft?

When your midwife tells you that it means that your cervix is beginning to ripen and possibly efface and dilate. Currently im 1 cm dilated 60% effaced and have been in labor but not "active labor" for the past week. My cervix isn''t dilating so they dont consider that "active labor".

Should your cervix be really low at 7 weeks pregnant?

Hi there. I am now 8 weeks but at 7 weeks I noticed that on day 5 my cervix was extremely low and soft and I wasn't sure what that meant either. Looking up stuff on the internet about it put my mind at ease as a tonne of other women had experienced the same thing at 6 or 7 or 9 weeks etc. I don't think it necessarily means anything as I was not due for my period (had I not been pregnant) nor ovulation. The following day it was back up again and all was fine after that.