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Is it normal for your nipples and areolas not to have darkened or gotten bigger at all by 10 weeks?


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2004-06-12 09:46:47
2004-06-12 09:46:47

It's fine. Mine didn't darken the entire pregnancy and everything was fine. Healthy baby, healthy pregnancy and I was able to nurse perfectly.


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I'm 20, I haven't had sex in over a year, but my nipples have gotten darker. They went from a pink colour to a brownish colour. Is this normal?

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Sounds like gynecomastia. You might have had some breast growth. It happens to almost every boy but not usually enough to notice. Has it gotten worse overtime? It could be a hormonal imbalance.

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Are you sure your not pregnant? Depends on your age. Your breasts could be beginning to grow if you are very young, or if you've gotten your period and are sexual active, you could be pregnant.

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You will be able to tell because she will have gotten fatten within a matter of no time. She will also have larger nipples.

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because, they've gotten to be made bigger & better over the years.

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