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I just had a gold cap put on a molar and it is very sensitive to hot and cold still (it's been a month now). My coworker tells me his is still sensitive and it has been four years now. I do believe this may have something to do with whether or not the nerve has been damaged so don't be alarmed!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-13 19:26:42
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Q: Is it normal for your teeth to be sore for awhile after you get new fillings?
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What effects do cola have on your teeth?

ive been drinking diet coke daily for the past couple of years and my teeth are white and i have never had any fillings, however my teeth are quite sensitive and feel slightly sore if i eat or drink cold things.

Is it normal after a tooth extraction for the tooth next to the extraction site to hurt?

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and the teeth next to the wound were very sore for about a week and a half.

Can sore teeth be a sign of pregnancy?


Why is your throat sore after a tooth extraction?

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What food should you eat when your teeth are sore?

Soft rice with sweet yogurt is good, anthing soft and not sour in taste will work. This is what I eat when I have sore teeth.

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Sore breasts after period?

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Should i have Sore red cheeks after wisdom teeth removal?

It is normal to have some swelling and redness on your cheeks after having your wisdom teeth removed. If this swelling and redness lasts for more than 2 days you should contact your dentist.

Why do braces hurt?

Actually, braces don't hurt. Your teeth are just sore from the orthodontist treatment you've been receiving. Your teeth are moving. In my case, my teeth aren't sore anymore because I've had them for almost two years. But your teeth could become sore if your orthodontist tightens your braces. Don't worry... the soreness will get away soon. Just hang in there.

How long sore throat teeth away?

5 years

Sore jaw under teeth?

If you're experiencing a sore jaw underneath your teeth, chances are you have a tooth infection, gingivitis, or lock jaw. Your best bet would be to get to your dentist ASAP.

Is it normal for the tooth next to a tooth with its root exposed to hurt?

Sometimes the teeth beside a sore tooth can feel sore also. This is called 'referred pain'. The pain will never appear on the opposite site (ie. left vs right), but it may be felt on the upper or lower teeth on the SAME side. This happens because the same nerve trunk supplies all of the teeth on one side of your mouth.

How long will you be sore after an extraction?

When teeth are pulled, you will be sore for about 5 to 7 days with each day better than the last.

Is sore teeth a sign of pregnancy?

Not necessarily, although tender or bleeding gums (gingivitis) can be caused by hormonal changed during pregnancy so it depends whether it's your teeth or gums that are sore.

What foods should you eat after getting wisdom teeth removed?

No special foods are needed. Eat anything you soft and mushy unless your mouth is too sore to chew it. In a day or two, considering how many teeth were removed, your mouth will be back to normal.

How long do your teeth stay sore after you get braces?

it depends, but generally about a week

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